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Now that non-essential establishments are starting to open up again following coronavirus lockdowns, you might be excitedly planning a catch-up with your girls. While a meal at a restaurant followed by drinks at your favorite bar is a great idea for a catch-up, and sure to be a lot of fun, you could decide to make your first catch-up post covid even more memorable by sharing a new activity with your friends. To get you thinking, here are some ideas for a girls’ day out.

Hire a Boat

You might live near to the coast or a large lake or river. If this is the case, hiring a boat for you and your girlfriends would be a great idea for a memorable get-together. A rowing boat will give you the adrenaline and excitement of navigating your own journey. Or, some boats can be hired complete with catering and waiting staff for a more relaxed experience. For instance, a trip on a Savannah Riverboat Cruise is a memorable day out for anyone in Georgia, whether a local or visitor.

Visit a Vineyard

If you and your friends love nothing better than sharing a few bottles of wine, visiting a vineyard might be a fun alternative. Here, you will see first-hand how wine is produced, from the vine to the bottle, and learn a lot more about the different properties of wine. Of course, many vineyards also offer wine tasting sessions, during which an expert will guide you through the different types of wine produced, from red to white to rosé and even sparkling wines. You might even discover a new favorite wine.

Share a Cosmetic Treatment

Visiting a spa with your friends might be one of your favorite shared activities to do; why not shake this up by going for cosmetic treatments together? An experienced clinic, such as Medspa, offers a number of different cosmetic treatments to choose from. For instance, skin rejuvenation treatments, like chemical peels and facials, target blemishes to leave your skin looking fresh and youthful. Or, you might want to get Juvederm lip fillers for plumper lips. You and your girls are sure to leave the clinic feeling rejuvenated and confident.

Go Parachuting

If you and your girls are adrenaline junkies, this is a good one to tick off the bucket list. Parachuting – also known as skydiving – is a great bonding experience, as you will all feel the pre-jump nerves and subsequent adrenaline, making this a memorable day out that you and your friends will reminisce about for years to come.

Watch a Show

With theaters beginning to reopen after lockdown, now might be a great time to watch a show with your friends. Check out your local events listings to see what is available in your area and to support your local theatre. Or, you might decide to make a trip to see a specific show that has been on your and your friends’ bucket list for years.

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