Skincare Tips For You and Your Newborn

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Life postpartum can be a bit chaotic. It is a fragile balance between your body recuperating from the rigors of birth and you trying to care for your newborn. Calling it heroic doesn’t even seem to adequately describe it all but it sure comes close.

When it comes to personal care during this transition, skincare is one of the key issues worth prioritizing. It will not only help keep you glowing but it will also help you feel better. More importantly, properly caring for your newborn’s skin from the start could have long-lasting benefits.

To help you get off on the right foot, here are some skin care tips to consider.

Go Mild

After birth, your body is somewhat a battlefield of hormones as your system tries to regain some normalcy. This makes you more vulnerable to adverse reactions to skincare products than you would ordinarily be. So much so that products you may have used before may no longer agree with your skin. In the same breath, your baby is even more vulnerable as immunity at birth is typically quite low. Plus, given as you both spend lots of time in close contact, they are not just sensitive to what you apply to their skin but also to the products that you use.

All these factors considered, it would be advisable that you stick to products that are as mild as possible. The trick to achieving this is to look into the ingredients used in skincare product formulas. Aim for natural options, like authentic shea butter, that are great for moisturizing skin, reducing stretch marks, and gentle enough even for newborns.

It may also be a good idea to avoid heavily scented products for the first few months. They could stir up allergies and even nasal congestion if your baby does not tolerate them well. It might be safer to slowly introduce scented products later when their immunity is a bit more developed.

This article may be a helpful resource for more information on infant allergies and immunity.

Eat Your Way to Great Skin

Every run-of-the-mill headline you have read about food and skin health was right. The food you eat does not just influence your waistline but your skin as well. This gets even more complicated after birth because your baby eats what you eat through breastmilk. So your nutritional choices influence the health of both you and your baby’s skin. No pressure.

On the upside, a proper diet does not have to be rocket science. For guidance, you could refer to a nutritionally balanced plate that has starch, protein, and vegetables. For hydration and to restore your iron levels, aim for leafy green vegetables and cereals. Get even more hydration by drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water in a day. More so because breastfeeding sure takes the water out of you and this can cause your skin to get dry.

Get Some Rest

Rest allows your body to replenish itself. When you are not getting as much downtime as you should, your body gets stressed and this causes a rise in the stress hormone; cortisol.

An increase in cortisol damages collagen which keeps your skin supple and elastic. Soon enough, wrinkles may start to become more prominent and your skin may seem dull and in disrepair.

The hard truth is that being a new parent is an endless commitment. However, for your good, that of your baby and those around you, try and pace yourself. Ask for help as often as possible so that you too can get a break.

This is not just important for your skin but also for:

* Your mental health
* Postpartum recovery
* Keeping other members of your family involved in your transition

A cozy bedroom where you can lie down and rest or meditate would go a long way in helping you rest better. A separate nursery may equally be a great idea as you would be able to retreat on your own as others care for the baby. You can find great decor inspiration for both rooms at Guyabouthome.

Hygiene is Crucial

Outside of themselves, the most common skincare concern for new mothers is diaper rash. This can be caused by a variety of factors such as your baby having a reaction to chemicals in a diaper brand. The cure for this would be to choose a different brand of diapers.

However, diaper rash can also be a result of a delayed diaper change. Correcting this could see the skin on your little one’s bum get restored to prime health. This can be further aided by ensuring that they are well-cleaned in between changes and their skin is moisturized.

The Covid-19 pandemic has additionally thrown a spanner in the hygiene works. Over and above the normal standards of hygiene it is extremely important that your hands are sanitized at all times. Unfortunately, due to the high alcohol content in sanitizers, they may dry out your hands. Keep a moisture-rich cream or lotion handy for each time you clean up. Alternatively, visit for better quality hand sanitizers.


Skincare is a journey. Do not judge yourself too harshly if you slip up on your regimen from time to time. It happens to the best of mums. The trick is to keep choosing your skincare products carefully and giving your best shot to it all.

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