6 Outfits for 6 Types Casino Goers

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Casinos Have a Mood

Land-based casinos are, yes, a mood of their own. Aside from players just gunning in for the jackpots and bonus prizes, the vibe and energy themselves say it all.

Movies have successfully built and established some of the best storylines and pictures depicting the mood and vibe in casinos. Many people have never set foot in a casino, but ask any average movie fanatic about what comes to mind when they hear the word “casino” and watch the list go on and on. Movie setups have done such a great job that they’ve managed to create an appeal and thirst for that experience, even if it’s just once.

Your Casino Goers

Before we get into this piece, let’s give props to Alexandra Nereng, who continues to amaze and set a fantastic example to the world of land-based and online casinos in Norway. If you’re looking for a place to begin, establishments such as Bettingsider are a great place to start.

So what is it with casinos and themes? Do we dress based on what we can afford and what just so happens to be in the wardrobe, or do we find people that go out of their way to look a certain way just to fit into that fixed image of what the winning and successful poker high roller has to look like? Well, with whatever your motive may be, this piece will give you some juicy facts on what ideas you can explore, whether you’re a regular or first-timer.

The Rich and Wealthy

Stacked color tokens, serious faces, a calm aura, the energy oozes quality over quantity.

It’s typical to find your casino outfit men dressed in black dress coats, tuxedos, wing collars, cufflinks, bow ties, and leather shoes in these circles. And when it comes down to your casino outfit women, it’s all about your ball gowns, elegant jewelry, and clutch bags*.

With this category of casino goers, quality says far more than quantity. From the makers of your tuxedo or dress to the quality of your cotton material, every detail matters. These individuals could show up in a simple shirt and shorts, but the smell of wealth simply oozes because of their items’ quality.

A Good Night Out

This circle of people focuses more on having that occasional night out to have a good time. These casino goers do whatever it takes to feel glamorous, even if they purchased items from the local drug store.

Casino outfit men tend to gravitate towards their best trousers and shirts while women tend to whop out the famous “black dress” or cocktail attire with standard red bottoms and heels reaching the ceiling. Whatever the occasion, these casino goers focus more on hopping from one game table to the next to have a great night out with the gang.

A Face in the Crowd

These casino goers tend to focus more on blending in with the chosen crowd as a strategy. We cannot necessarily categorize this type of casino goer into specific casino outfits because they base their “theme” on finding a chosen gambling spot and creeping their way in. They look out for working strategies to score that big win and appease themselves over anything else.

Let’s go Out for Drinks after Work

This circle of casino goers runs off to the casino to have a good time after a long day at work. The aim here is to socialize and reflect on a hard day’s work.

The casino outfits expected here are more on the office wear. You can expect men to show up in their slacks, collar shirts, loafers, and a loose tie, while women would be expected to be seen wearing their office skirts, blouses, nothing revealing, and perhaps a jacket.

The Slot Lover

Yes, the heading says it all because these casino goers love their slot machines even if they spend hours daily. You can expect a lot of comfortable clothing here, which is expected because the casino is like their second home to this circle. If the item is comfortable, they’re game.

Let’s go to Las Vegas

In this circle of people, anyone could swear that Pinterest gave so much inspiration to this group. These casino goers are out for a complete experience with crazy, spontaneous moments. Here, you can expect your casino outfits to be more on your casual wear, such as jeans, plain shirts, sundresses, patterns and colors, and jeans*.


If you find yourself conflicted on what to wear for your day or night at the casino, visit the casino’s website for ideas and themed casino outfits. You can then assure yourself with the guidelines shared in this piece.

Author’s Bio: Alexandra Nereng follows up the booming of the Gambling field and popularity of gaming so she is creating a lot of content about gambling to impact the growth of good quality gambling sources.

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