Simple Ways to Uplift Your Self-Esteem

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As women, we often find ourselves being much harder on ourselves than anyone else, and we frequently seem like our own worst critics. The combination of negative self-talk and external pressures from the outside world can have quite a detrimental impact on mental health and can slowly erode your sense of self-esteem and worth over time. If you’re finding that it’s difficult to believe in yourself as much as you’d like to, then read on for some tips to help you improve your self-esteem.

Celebrate a Daily Achievement

A lot of negative self-talk can come from picking up and amplifying our own perceived faults, so why not flip this on its head and try to amplify your successes instead? This can often be difficult to do at first, especially when you are deeply conditioned to find flaws in yourself, but with practice, it can be a wonderful way to recognize your own value.

You can set time aside every evening to journal and reflect on the day’s events, and try to pick out at least one successful achievement that you had accomplished. No matter how small or trivial it may seem, over time, this will accumulate to boost your spirit immensely.

Set Yourself a Goal

If you find yourself feeling defeated before even trying something new, try setting yourself a clear goal to work towards and plan out how you might do it. By making a detailed roadmap of your target and breaking your approach down into small, achievable tasks, you can start to see yourself making serious progress along the way.

This approach can work for anything you set your mind to, from working towards a qualification that you’ve dreamed about doing or saving up to go on a special escape to one of the Outrigger Fiji resorts. Once you demonstrate that you are indeed capable of meeting the targets you set for yourself, you’ll find that your confidence to approach new tasks will increase much more easily.

Spend Time Doing Something You Enjoy

One of the impacts of having a lack of self-esteem is that it can often leave you feeling unworthy of taking time for pleasure and enjoyment. Instead, you can often end up in a grueling cycle of punishment and suffering, where you may not allow yourself the simple joys of everyday life.

To address this, it’s best to get proactive about dedicating time to your personal joy and happiness and allowing yourself to fully enjoy these things without guilt. This might be something as simple as taking a few hours to take yourself to a special art exhibition or cinema screening or treating yourself to a feel-good pamper session with a manicure or facial.

Over time, you may find that the inner voice that says you are not allowed these things grows quieter and can start to take on larger steps towards your personal happiness as you grow more confident and secure in your own sense of worth.

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