Improve the Health and Function of Your Home: A Guide

The health and function of your home is more important than how it looks. How it looks can always be adjusted and updated to suit your every whim, but the functionality and efficacy of your home affects your every day life. A great home is one that is dry, one that is always the ideal temperature, and one that is easy and simple to live in.

By focusing on these key areas first:

1. Insulation
2. Systems
3. Storage

You can improve the quality of your home substantially, as well as reduce your costs and improve your and your family’s health.

There is a lot to get started with, so use this guide to help you get started.

The Three Key Areas to Improve

To better understand the areas you will want to focus on at the moment, here is a rundown of what and why you should care about the insulation, systems, and storage in your home:


The insulation of your home might already be top-notch. Or there may be a lot left to be desired. If you find it hard to heat your home and keep it heated, experience fog between your window panes, or suffer from a cold draft, then it is important to improve your insulation. This can be as simple as updating the glass in your windows (double insulation loses effectiveness over time), or it may require opening up a wall to properly insulate it with a higher quality insulator.


From your pipes to your HVAC system, if there is an issue or if something is not working in proper order, then you could be in trouble. You either aren’t getting the best out of your system and are paying to run something at full-blast for it to still just not be enough, or there is damage that could put your family at risk. From mold to rot, there are a lot of problems that can arise when your systems are not in full working order.


If there is one thing that can make even a beautiful home a nightmare, it is a lack of storage. There is only so much that clunky, large furniture can do to give you additional space for your belongings. A great way to fix this issue is to utilize the dead space in your home. This could be by renovating the attic space to be a useful storage unit, or it may be as simple as adding shelves and cupboards to the awkward corners of your home.

How to Improve the Health and Function of Your Home

The good news is that by working to improve the health of your home, you can actually automatically work to improve the function of your home.

1. Organize a Professional Maintenance Service for the Systems of Your Home

There are some parts of your home that are just better handled by professionals, and many of the best companies available offer maintenance services. This way, you can have your heating and air conditioning professionally cleaned, maintained, and even repaired if necessary. This will keep your home running optimally, and most importantly means you will not be breathing in dust and debris from your ducts and vents.

You will want to have this done twice a year, ideally, once before the winter season hits, and you need to start using your heating, and again in the spring before you need to use your air conditioning.

These recommendations also work well for your washing and drying machines and your boiler.

2. Have Your Insulation Checked

This isn’t a regular recommendation, but if you have either just moved in or you notice it’s hard to heat your home or even a draft, it is a good idea to bring in experts to analyze the problem and provide recommendations.

Your roof, for example, should be replaced every 20 to 25 years. Double glazed windows should also last around 20 years, though well-made options should last even longer, up to 50 years. That being said, if you have recently purchased an old home, these upgrades might be essential to enjoy a safer, more insulated home.

3. Deep Clean Your Home on a Regular Basis

Every three or four months, you should aim to deep clean your home. Pay particular attention to your appliances, like your fridge and freezer. By deep cleaning (inside and outside), you can keep the appliances in question working optimally and even extend their lifespan significantly.

4. Declutter Your Home Yearly

While you’re at it, you should also aim to declutter. It is amazing what we can accumulate even in a short period of time, and it’s only when we set about actively deciding whether to keep or get rid of something that anything actually happens.

By doing this, you can keep your space spacious. It is not essential to improve the health of your home, but it sure does work to make it feel more grand and functional.

5. Give Everything its Proper Place

Storage solutions are easy to add and can either add beautiful decorative elements to your home or really make it more livable for everyone in your home. Add shelves, invest in custom storage solutions and put a whole wall of storage up against the wall, and so on. Not only is this important to keep your home tidy and functional, but it can also actually work to keep your belongings in better health too. Electronics and home equipment that you store away needs to be done correctly; otherwise, you run the risk of damage happening.

There are so many ways you can improve the health of your home, from investing in houseplants to getting air filters and more. These, however, will boil down to means and preference. Everything listed in this guide, however, is sure to work to improve the health and function of every home. Get started and chip away at your to-do list bit by bit until you have a great routine.

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