4 Ways to Make Your Business Move Easier

Running a business is never easy. Not only do you have to sell your products and services, you also have to focus on everything from accounting to marketing. There’s also the challenge – and risk – of growing your company to another level.

That challenge is only multiplied if you have to move your business to another location. For instance, you might have outgrown your current office space and need much larger premises. Even if you are only making a move across town, there are several points to consider in ensuring this doesn’t hurt your business.

If the move is delayed, this could leave your company offline for an extended period of time – and you’re going to miss out on vital sales as a result. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make the move an easier and more successful one.

1. Plan Early

As you will already be well aware, there are no shortcuts in the world of business. A lot of planning is required for sustained success. Well, the same logic applies to moving to a different office building.

You have to plan what roles everyone will have in the packing, moving, and unpacking process. In addition, you need to know how your current possessions will fit into the new office space. The last thing you want to do is arrive at the new office, realize not everything fits, and start throwing items out. The same also applies if any new needs crop up due to the layout.

2. Research the Best Moving Company for the Job

For the most efficient and successful way to transport your office possessions, you need to utilize the best moving company available. There are various elements to analyze when it comes to selecting a mover.

You will first want to check the reputation and policies of nearby companies. Then once you have drawn up a shortlist, the next step is to look at local moving quotes.

The main objective is to find the best mixture of service and affordability.

3. Focus on the IT Department

Yes, all of your departments will be part of the move. Yet when you factor in the importance of technology and being online at all times, it is imperative you get your IT department up and running as soon as possible.

Have your IT department put together a plan of how your servers, computers, phones, and other technical equipment will be transferred. The quicker this is done, the less time your business will spend offline.

4. Update Everyone on the Change

Of course, your employees are going to be aware of the move. However, this isn’t the same for essentially everyone else. Yet, it’s essential that your clients and partners are aware of the change as soon as possible.

You should anticipate this by updating your business cards, return labels, envelopes, letterhead, etc., before the move takes place. If you don’t have these ready from the start, there’s going to be a delay using these documents. Plus, tell your clients about your new address, particularly if they frequently ship items to you.

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