What to Know Before Working at a Ski Resort

For young and fit people, there is no better way to spend your winter than working part-time at a ski resort. Combining work with play and sport with romance, a ski season is a particularly exciting way to fend off winter blues in pursuit of new friendships, physical excellence, and legendary parties.

Whether you are considering working at a ski resort, or you are starting at one this winter, we have compiled a guide of the three crucial things you should know before you start.

Get Ready for Mountain Travel

Travelling to and from ski-resorts can be the most painful part of the entire trip. Due to their remote mountain location, only the very rich — capable of hiring private jets and helicopters — can expect to fly directly onto the slopes. Most likely you will have to transfer from the airport or train station. So, expect a long drive, and if you haven’t booked any transport or rented a car yet, it’s crucial that you do so. You don’t want to be stranded away from the slopes and making use of expensive taxis!

Invest in the Best Gear

While the average skier or snowboarder may be comfortable renting, if you want to get serious about snowboarding or skiing — and presumably that’s why you are working at a ski resort — then it makes sense to buy some gear yourself. This isn’t just in terms of what you wear — although you want to make a fashionable impression when you hit the slopes — but also in terms of safety gear.

For example, take helmets. We know that it might not look cool, but there’s nothing cool about spending weeks in a hospital, either. Just thinking about the term “best snowboard helmets” is crucial for your security. As you will be skiing the entire duration of the season, it makes sense to invest in a good helmet to be your trusted companion throughout your stay. It will save your more money in the long run. The same goes for skis or snowboards , as well as gear to keep you warm like boots, jackets, socks, thermal wear and gloves.

There’s More Work Than You Think

Ski seasons immediately bring to mind Jägermeister-filled apres-ski parties and long days carving up the slopes, but the principal chunk of your time will be spent on your actual job in the resort. You might get lucky and have a job that involves skiing or snowboarding itself, but a lot of people working throughout ski seasons either act as chalet boys or girls, or they work in bars or as cleaners.

As you are servicing the needs of the rich and wealthy, the service that you are expected to provide is of the very highest quality, filled with impeccable attention to detail as well as long hours. It’s worth it though, as once you get off, you will be able to enjoy your time in one of the most beautiful places in the world, surrounded by like-minded people of the same sensibility and age.

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