Top Bingo Jokes

Bingo comes with a heavy dose of humour and this is because it is one of the most sociable of all gambling games. You only have to enter an online chatroom and read the comments to see that humour is an important part of the bingo social scene. Humour in bingo is not just saved for online chatrooms, even at land-based bingo venues, the bingo days and nights are played out with a heavy dose of fun. Some bingo callers like to spice up games at with an injection of humour to keep the crowds entertained. The alcohol-fuelled crowd can unexpectedly add to the night’s entertainment too. This is all positive though as it creates a relaxing atmosphere where bingo players can get to know each other.

Bingo Jokes

Bingo jokes are obviously influenced by the bingo audience and this means that they will not be the same for all crowds. You can be more topical and risqué’ with a young audience but this my not go down so well in a traditional bingo hall on a Monday afternoon. Obviously, if you are going to add humour to the bingo session, then jokes with universal appeal are best. Frustrated players, who may be on a long losing streak, even welcome jokes that mock the game itself. One of the best jokes that gets any crowd going is, ‘what has a whole bunch of balls and screws old ladies? Of course the answer is the bingo game itself. This joke obviously plays on the cliché that bingo is played exclusively by pensioners in lifeless bingo halls.

Millennials and Bingo Jokes

A new young crowd that attends revamped bingo halls has little room for bingo jokes and this is because music, food and alcohol have taken its place. Some bingo venues now even employ stand up comedian during intervals to entertain the crowds. The routines here are more broad based comedy, than hardcore bingo jokes. Although, with the amount of alcohol consumed at these venues, it is easier to work a young audience, than a room full of pensioners.

Other Humour In Bingo

Most humour is actually saved for the bingo phrases that are used to call out each number and most of these were actually invented in the UK. This is why they come with a large dose of very British humour attached. ‘Two Fat Ladies 88’ would obviously create a few sniggers and may offend some of the newer cliental, but it has become as much a part of bingo as the balls themselves.

Final Thoughts

Bingo is unique as it is one of the few gambling games that come with a large social element attached and when people come together, both online and at land-based bingo halls, they like to keep each other entertained. However, it is also down to those who run bingo establishments to make sure that their clientele are having a good time too. A way of doing this is by using some bingo related jokes that are relevant to the audience and mixing them up during a bingo game is often the most effective way of keeping things fun.

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