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There are some great words used when you are playing Bingo that you may not have heard or seen before. Though some are more associated with Bingo Halls because they are terms that are called out, there are many terms that you will see written down when you play Bingo online. Knowing these terms or abbreviations will help you to speed up your gameplay, understand more as you play and be in with a better chance of winning – deposit and play. So what are you waiting for? Get learning some Bingo lingo today with this short comprehensive guide!

Bingo Play Time Lingo

Understanding what the playtime lingo refers to will give you an understanding of when the specific Bingo games will be played. The most popular terms for these are the “early bird” and “lights out”. These two refer to the first and last Bingo games of the day. They take inspiration from the quote “the early bird catches the worm” as a way to inspire early morning players to enjoy playing and “lights out” refers to the last Bingo game of the day before bedtime, when the online casino closes for the night and no more Bingo is played on that site. Not only are these common phrases that you will see on online Bingo sites but they also alert you to the fact that these two specific Bingo games of the day often have special or larger prizes up for grabs to entice players.

Bingo Abbreviations

There are multiple abbreviations in the game of online Bingo, used for speed, to announce the winning of a certain prize. 1L and 2L show that one or two lines have been won and these are the lowest prizes that can be won. Next is 4C, or four corners, which is the mid-sized prize available, but not all Bingo online games play with this rule in place. Finally, FH, or full house is when every single number on a card has been marked off. This is always the largest prize winner on a card and the prize that every player is holding out for as this can either be a cash prize or a different sort of prize which can be hugely exciting.

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