How to Create the Ultimate Gaming Room

If there’s one thing that most gamers would love, it’s a games room. We might imagine turning the kids’ room into a games room when they leave home, or even converting the attic or garage into a gaming hideaway.

If you are lucky enough to have a spare space at home, and you’ve decided to turn it into a room for gaming, then you are about to be the envy of people all over the world.

The idea of having a private and quiet space to focus when you play, as well as somewhere to keep all of your games and equipment might be very appealing, and the rest of your household are probably keen to keep all of the paraphernalia, not to mention the shouts, screams and online chatter, confined to one room too.

Having a games room gives you an escape. Somewhere that’s yours (even if you let the rest of the family in occasionally), where you can chill out, unwind, de-stress and enjoy yourself. It’s also a space to entertain and to let your hair down. A gaming room can be an excellent addition to your home, so let’s take a look at some of the things that you need to do to get it just right.

Think About What You’ll Use It For

There are many different ways to be a gamer, and in fact, most people that enjoy one form of gaming, also have fun with other practices. Of course, online gaming and console play nowadays are massively popular and may be a key part of your games room. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t include anything else.

Would you like to be able to include your family with a board games table? Or invite the girls over for some escape room style games? Do you like classic console games or virtual reality games that might need more space?

If you’ve got enough space in your gaming room, you might want to zone it off, to give yourself room to practice all of your hobbies, to play with different people, or to try new things.

Keep Things Bright

Gaming rooms are often dark and dull. While dim lighting might look cool, it’s not great for your eyesight, your energy levels, your mood or even your performance. Give yourself a boost by keeping things light and bright.

Keep your walls light, and use a room with a large window, if at all possible, to keep the air fresh and boost your energy levels. Then, give yourself lighting options with a large overhead light, as well as lamps and wall lights.

Your lighting is also a great way to add some cool touches, such as a neon light on the wall or themed lampshades.

Take Screen Setup Seriously

Unless you are a big tabletop game fan, chances are you’ll spend a lot of time in your games room looking at screens. So, get them set up right. A two-screen set up on a large desk can be ideal for PC gaming, and you might also want a large, wall-mounted TV for consoles, or just to watch a movie when you need a break.

While setting up screens, ask yourself if you’d also like a smart speaker, so that you can listen to music, and communicate with the rest of your house effectively.

Find the Right Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is an absolute essential in any gaming room. You are going to be sitting in it a lot, so as well as finding something that fits into your space and in with your décor, you also need to find something that supports your back and keeps you comfortable.

If you want to be able to move between console and PC, you’ll want something with wheels that’s easy to move around the room. You should also consider whether you want armrests, speakers, headphone jacks, and of course, don’t forget your budget.

Add Extra Seating

A gaming chair is great, but if you want to use your room to entertain, or just to chill out, you might need other seating options too. Click here for some super comfy gaming beanbags and other giant beanbags that are perfect for guests from SumoLounge.

Include Some Personal Touches

Personal touches, soft furnishings, and other accessories are what makes the room your own, and not just another generic gaming room. These are the items that make you smile and make it easier to relax. Add posters, photos, textiles, lights, rubs, collectables and anything else that you love to finish the room off and make it more personal.

Could You Soundproof?

If the rest of your family (or the neighbors) are fed up of hearing you rant at the screen or scream out with joy, soundproofing could be a great option. Installing thick, soundproof curtains to your door, adding bookcases to the walls to make them thicker, using rugs and underlay, and moving anything shaky away from surfaces can help to limit sound vibrations easily.

Add Plenty of Storage

Console and PC gaming, in some ways, need far less stuff than ever before. Most things are wireless, and even games are digital downloads without the need for a box. But, on the other hand, there are a lot more accessories and options available, so your gaming room needs plenty of storage if you’ve got any hope of being able to keep it tidy.

Find a Large Clock

Ever found that time just seems to vanish as you lose yourself to a game? We’ve all been there. Add a large clock that you can’t miss to keep track a little better.

Include Drinks and Snacks

Drinks and snacks are a must. If you’ve got the space, a small fridge, a snack cupboard and a coffee machine could be the finishing touches that your gaming room needs.

Remember, you don’t need to get it right straight away. Your gaming room can evolve as you spend more time in it, find new things that you like and add cool accessories to your Christmas list. Don’t be scared to make changes over time, incorporating new comforts, accessories, and games. Most of all, remember to enjoy it!

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