Creating a Home Office That Inspires Creativity

Working from home can sound like a dream come true. You’ve probably at some point imagined yourself sitting on the couch working in your sweats with Netflix on in the background. You’ve probably also thought about all of the snacks that you may be able to enjoy while working so close to the kitchen. But the reality is often quite different, as many of us have found out over the last few months while we’ve been working from home.

Homeworking is rarely as easy, or as fun as we expect. It can be hard to focus when you are surrounded by the distractions of home life, and while working on the couch is comfy for a while, it can quickly lead to back pain and other aches, and it’s often a lot harder to concentrate with the TV blaring.

Homeworking is rarely as easy, or as fun as we expect. It can be hard to focus when you are surrounded by the distractions of home life, and while working on the couch is comfy for a while, it can quickly lead to back pain and other aches, and it’s often a lot harder to concentrate with the TV blaring.

It can also be hard to be creative at home by yourself with no one else to bounce ideas around with. Your house in its present state might not inspire creativity, and a dull home office certainly won’t. If you work in a creative industry, as many home workers do, or even if you need to be able to find creative solutions to problems in entirely unrelated sectors, you must be able to think creatively, grab ideas and explore possibilities. So, let’s take a look at some ways that you can create a home office that inspires the kind of creativity that you need.

Build a Space That Boosts Your Energy Levels

It’s hard to be creative when you are tired or lethargic, and the atmosphere that you work in can play a big part in how energetic you feel. A dark office, with no natural light and lots of clutter, will never wake you up. Find ways to maximize light and paint the main walls light colors to boost the effects. Installing a coffee machine won’t hurt either.

Add Plenty of Home Comforts

Yes, you want an office that makes it easy to work, but, sometimes, to be both creative and productive, you need some comfort. Adding some soft furnishings, as well as pictures and familiar accessories, can help. But it’s also a good idea to give yourself a space to relax. Add a couch or look for the best bean bag chair, so you’ve always got somewhere to rest when you need it.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Snacks

Snacks might not directly influence your creativity. But, having some prepared, or hidden away in a draw means that you don’t have to leave your office when your creative juices are flowing. If you can grab a quick snack without having to interrupt your creative flow, you might just get the chance to turn a spark of an idea into something much more.

Fill it with Things That Inspire You

If you want your office to inspire you, fill it with things that do. Add your favorite books, artwork, flowers and photos. Make sure everywhere that you look, there’s something that brings back a happy memory, makes you smile or makes you think.

Get Rid of Anything That Brings You Down

In the same vein, get rid of anything that doesn’t. If there’s anything in your office that makes you unhappy, bores you, or you simply don’t like, move it out.

Make Sure it’s Easy to Tidy

Mess, and chores are the enemy of creativity. It’s hard to be creative or to think creatively when you know that you need to tidy up. Install handy and efficient storage so that everything has a home and your office is easy to clean. Then, do your best to keep it tidy.

Welcome Plants to Help Creativity Blossom

Plants and other elements of nature are wonderful when it comes to boosting creativity. They are beautiful and even magical. They help us to feel peaceful, inspire new ideas, and can be a great way to bring out your natural creativity. Add plants, flowers and even paintings of pictures of the great outdoors, especially of scenery that makes you feel calm, such as seascapes.

Move the Office

Sometimes, it’s not the office itself that inhibits us, but its position. Try as you might, if an office is out of the sun, has only a small window, and feels gloomy, there might be little that you can do to cheer it up. So, ask yourself if you could move it to a room with more light and a better view?

If you can’t find a suitable room, would you feel more inspired working from a desk in another room in your home, with a great view and a positive atmosphere, instead of shut in a small, dark and gloomy space?

A separate home office is usually a good idea, but it doesn’t always work.

Don’t Feel Tied to Office Furniture

You might want a supportive office chair, but apart from that, you certainly shouldn’t feel as though your office needs to be furnished with office furniture. Use an antique dresser as a desk, repurpose wood for storage, and have fun with upcycling to create a creative space that makes you smile.

Experiment with Color

White walls are great. They will certainly boost your energy levels and increase productivity. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be boring. Add pops of bright color to your décor with a feature wall or accessories, and don’t be scared to clash, or to have some fun.

Display Your Goals

Sometimes we need a bit of a reminder of what we are working towards. A large poster with an inspirational quote can be effective, but so can simply writing your goals and targets on a piece of paper and leaving it somewhere that you can see.

Stop Looking at the Wall

Why do we always put our desks against the wall? If you’ve got a window with a great view, make sure you can see it from your desk. If not, consider pointing in toward the rest of the room, instead of looking at a wall all day.

A home office that inspires creativity can make work easier, but it can also improve your mood, and make your work more enjoyable. And, typically it only takes a few small changes or additions to create the perfect home office.

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