A Guide to Making Plans After Lockdown

With lockdowns being eased, it is perhaps difficult to know where to start when it comes to making plans with friends and family you haven’t seen in some time. Even those you have been living with during these testing months will be eager to get out with you to do the activities you have not been able to for a frighteningly long time. This guide should help you make the most of the return to normal – or as close to normal as possible – that is pending.

Be Understanding

Firstly, be understanding of friends and family do not want to make plans as quickly as you. The rise in video calls has shown a desire to stay in touch with loved ones but, with some on multiple Zoom or Skype calls each week, common fatigue may have crept in. To go from absolutely no physical, social interaction to a return to normal can be overwhelming for some, while for others they might simply be too booked up.

The demand to see those close to you will be through the roof, and you should not lose patience with those who cannot see you immediately. Other factors – a return to work, struggle to find childcare or financial issues, for instance – could also be at play with those reluctant to meet up.

Look for Cost-effective Solutions

Once you have agreed to meet up, look for cheap deals for places to eat or attractions to visit. Lockdown has been tough economically for many, and using discounts like Denny’s coupons or searching out entry ticket offers will ease the burden.

Don’t Rush

In a similar vein, don’t rush. Hotspots will be busy, and queues might be extended, so waiting a week or two before making all of your grand plans might be a better idea. This allows you to better plan what it is you’d like to do, gets your finances in order and gives the potential mad rush time to settle down.

Do What You Haven’t Been Able To

If it is deciding what it is you want to do once lockdown is over that is the issue, then simply stop trying so hard. You don’t necessarily need to look for brand new lands to explore or activities to put your hand to; just going back to basics and doing what you used to do – and haven’t been able to – will do the trick. The nostalgia hit from walking back into your favorite restaurant or playing ball with your team for the first time will be far sweeter than breaking any new grounds.

Book Ahead Where Possible

This will largely depend on what it is you have planned to do but, where possible, try and book ahead. Business owners will be grateful for your organization and would prefer to know how busy they are going to be, and when, then having hundreds of customers turn up at their door. If, however, it’s a mountain hike that you’re hankering for, then just pack the car and enjoy. You’ve earned it.

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