How To Handle Lockdown Loneliness When Living Alone

Living alone doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily lonely, but because of the lockdown in place to stop the spread of Coronavirus, you might be finding the lack of any human contact difficult.

With no way to get out and meet friends or even just spend time in the presence of others in shops or at the gym, it’s understandable that anyone who’s living alone might also be struggling.

If you’re finding it hard to deal with loneliness during the lockdown, then read on to find some tips that should help you to improve your mood and stay positive.

Call Or Video Conference Your Loved Ones

The obvious solution to your loneliness is to reach out to your friends and family. You might be reluctant to contact them, because you know that they’re also struggling, but you should take the first step. It will make you both feel better, and if you find that one particular person is making you feel down, then simply stop contacting them. Set up a rough schedule of calls and video conferences to give yourself something to look forward to.

Host Or Take Part In Virtual Quiz Nights

If you’re feeling lonely and you’re bored of just chatting with your friends and family, then try hosting virtual quiz nights. There are apps out there to help you, or you could write your own questions and make them personal. Alternatively, if one of your friends is hosting a virtual quiz, then ask to take part in it so that you can have fun and enjoy some virtual human interaction.

Make Your Own Pleasure

Being confined to your home with no human contact means that you won’t have the chance to have sex for some time. For most women, sex is essential to keeping you mentally healthy, but just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you can’t make your own pleasure. Masturbation has been used by single women to replace sex for many years, and it works very well. If you’re new to self-pleasure, or you want to try something new, then browse this selection of women’s toys to find a solution that will reinvigorate you and bring you the pleasure you crave.

Watch More TV And Read More Books

Watching films or TV shows can take you out of the present and transport you to a new world. It will also show you images of other people doing the things you wish you could do right now, so you can live vicariously through them. If you prefer reading, then spend your time absorbed in a good book. You will feel connected to the characters if you find a book that you love, so try rereading an old favourite, or shop online for a new book that you’ll enjoy.

Go Outside

The lockdown rules allow you to go outside for exercise and to spend time in your garden, so try to go outside as often as you’re able to do so safely. If you have a garden, then consider talking over the fence to your neighbours if you know and like them. Without a garden, it’s harder to talk to people on your daily outdoor exercise, but you should still go out so that you can get the benefits of sunlight and fresh air. Walking or cycling around your local area will also give you some gentle exercise, which will benefit your physical and mental health. If you know someone in the local area, consider contacting them before you leave so that they can stand at their door and talk to you at a distance.

Play With Your Pets

Animals make great companions, and, in some cases, are better company than humans! If you already have a pet, then spend more time with them during the lockdown by playing games or just cuddling them. If you don’t have a pet already, then it is possible to foster or adopt a pet right now, which will not only bring you joy but also help the overstretched animal shelters in your local area. Fostering a pet is a great way to enjoy their companionship without taking on the permanent responsibility of caring for them. Adopting a pet is a more permanent decision, which requires forethought and consideration because many pets live 10 years or more and will need constant care throughout that time. Take the time to consider the best option for you before you take on a new furry friend.

When living alone, it’s important that you try to stay mentally healthy and remember that the lockdown is a precaution designed to protect everyone, including the people you love the most. Use these tips to keep your loneliness in check during these challenging times, and if you are really struggling them seek professional advice from your doctor to get your mental health back on track

Thanks to Zoe Price

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