How to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Working from home can disrupt your routine, and when your routine is disrupted sleep quality can worsen. If your sleeps were already inching towards bad to begin with you might feel even more sluggish, fatigued, and generally irritated throughout your days than you did before. To help improve your sleep quality you need to address the physical space and your routine, so start following these steps immediately and don’t give up until you find out what works for you:

Upgrade Your Bedroom Elements (If Necessary)

If you have old furniture that is falling apart and bending from weight, or a mattress that is just uncomfortable or ancient, then you will want to upgrade your bedroom. The mattress in particular is going to do wonders towards improving your sleep quality, just make sure that you use this guide to help you buy a mattress perfect for you and how you sleep.

The other improvements are necessary if they cause you stress. If you get frustrated every time you try to wrestle an old Ikea dresser back into place, or if you hate the way that your bedframe looks, then these are causing you stress. You need to love where you are to feel comfortable and at home, so take advantage of the many deals going on right now to upgrade your bedroom for the better.

Invest in Blackout Blinds

Streetlights, especially traffic lights that change, are horrible for your sleep. If you live in an urban area or the sun rises early where you live then blackout blinds are going to be your savior. Just remember to also keep a consistent sleeping routine so you wake up naturally when you want to.

De-Clutter Your Bedroom

Being pressed in by clutter can feel claustrophobic, so de-clutter it and deep clean while you are at it.

Use Aromatherapy

Sound and scents can help evoke moods and states of being. If you want to relax then try getting a diffuser and putting in a few drops of lavender oil. Alternatively, you could spray a diluted solution of lavender oil and water directly onto your pillow to sleep better.

Eat Better and Exercise Regularly

At home it’s harder to exercise but try to be regular. Wake up and do yoga or do a workout before dinner. Keeping your heart, lungs, and muscles strong will help you sleep deeper every night. Combine this with a healthy diet and drink enough water so that you aren’t stressed when you sleep.

Be Consistent With Your Night-Time Routine

A good nighttime routine will look like this:

1. Stop Looking at Screens an Hour or Two Before Bed
2. Nighttime beauty routine
3. Close blackout curtains
4. Go to sleep at the same time
5. Wake up at the same time
6. Beauty routine
7. Healthy breakfast

Whatever you choose as your routine, be consistent with it. Do the same activities at the same time (especially your sleep) to get your body into the habit of sleeping deeply when you want it to.

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