Is There the Perfect Age for Breast Implants

For those interested in breast implant surgery, then you may be wondering about the best candidates for this procedure. Is there a perfect age to receive breast implants? Is it worth waiting? These questions and more will be answered in the following article.

What Age Can’t You Receive Breast Implants?

Because the material of the implants used is sometimes difficult to work with, the FDA requires that women must be at least 18 years old before receiving them. This is for saline-filled implants. For those who prefer to use silicone implants, you need to wait until you are 22 years old.

This does not mean that you can only receive those breast implants when you’re 18 or 22. After you have passed those benchmarks, you’re able to receive implants at any age. However, as with most procedures, the younger you are during the surgery, the better you will respond to it.

The best time to get implants is in your 20s and 30s. This is when you’re at peak health. That does not mean that you can’t receive implants after 39. It simply means that you may not receive as great of results as you would if you were in your 20s or 30s. There are a few reasons as to why a younger age receives a better result than older women. Here are a few of them.

1. Faster Healing

Younger people typically heal faster than their older counterparts. Because the body is young and fresh, it’s able to produce white blood cells faster and more efficiently. Those white blood cells are responsible for healing.

After surgery, a younger person will likely have an easier time of healing as well. Their body is still capable of repairing any damage that it takes quickly.

As for older women, you’ll still experience healing, it just may take longer. You may have to wait a few more weeks to recover than a younger woman might. This does not mean that you can’t receive implants. It only suggests that your recovery period might be a bit longer.

2. Reduced Chances of Scarring

When you’re younger, you also have a reduced chance of scarring. This pertains to the quick development of white blood cells again. While some scarring is likely inevitable with breast augmentation, if you’re younger you may have a lighter or smaller scar.

For women who are anxious about scars, it might be a good idea to have our implants installed earlier rather than later. With your greater ability to heal, the chances of having a visible scar are lowered.

Older women may still receive a lighter or small scar as well. However, because they don’t heal as quickly or as well as younger women, they may likely have some more visible scarring.

3. Easier Operation

As you become older, your breasts start to sag. This is an unfortunate consequence of gravity. Sagging breasts can make it a bit more difficult to operate on. Instead of using a simple technique, your surgeon may need to perform a different technique to handle the sagging tissue inside of your breast.

When you’re younger, your breasts haven’t started sagging yet. That means your surgeon may be able to use a technique that requires less invasion. The operation could be easier which means less of an impact on your body. In turn, this could promote faster healing, quicker recovery times, and fewer chances of a scar.

4. Less Obese

While younger women can still be obese, they’re at the best time in their life to lose weight. It’s easier for younger women to lose weight than older women simply because their metabolisms haven’t shut down as much. Obesity matters when it comes to surgery. If there is more fat in your breasts, then it will require the surgeon to work even longer to remove it for the implant.

Older women are more likely to be obese. At the very least, they are likely heavier than when they were younger. Obesity is problematic for surgery because it also means that the woman may not be healthy enough for the procedure. Luckily, for breast implants, it’s a relatively easy surgery that doesn’t require you to be at your peak of health–though it certainly helps.

Regardless, obesity can determine the difficulty and cost of breast implant surgery. If you want to have implants when you’re at your best weight, then you might want to have it performed when you’re younger.

5. Mature

One advantage of waiting to have breast implants until you’re older is that you are more emotionally mature. At that point in your life, you know that you are making a decision based on a rational decision rather than an emotional one. You’ve given yourself plenty of years to think about whether or not breast implants is the right choice for you.

With this mindset in place, you’re more likely to be satisfied with the outcome. You know exactly what it is that you want and understand that the implants will improve your life.

When you’re younger, choosing to have breast implants may be a spur-of-the-moment decision. This isn’t a good way to make a life-changing decision. In this regard, it’s sometimes better to wait a few years to determine whether or not you truly want breast implants.

6. Fewer Complications

A final advantage of having breast implants when you’re younger is that you’re likely to have fewer complications. Because you’re younger, your body is relatively healthy. At the very least, it’s healthier than it’s going to be when you’re older. This means that you are less likely to encounter any complications during or after the surgery.

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