Improving Your Health as a Family: A Guide

Losing weight and becoming healthier is a common goal set at the start of a new year. Looking and feeling better is something that a large majority of people feel is a good resolution to set, however it can be one that’s somewhat difficult to stick to, particularly when you’re a parent with a family to look after.

The issue is that as a parent, your family has to come first, which means that you put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own. It’s this mindset that can make losing weight and becoming healthier somewhat difficult to achieve. However, if you choose to become healthier (and lose weight) as a family, then you can make it far easier to achieve your goals.

Keen to learn more about how you can lose weight and help your entire family become healthier? Have a read of the tips below.

Become More Active

Stop spending weekends sat in front of the television or heading for days out at indoor play areas and theme parks, instead opt for family activities that require everyone to become more active. Not only will you burn off lots of calories, your little ones should also burn off lots of excess energy, which should mean a calmer and more relaxed family. Get creative with how you spend family time: plan bike rides along traffic-free tracks, go swimming, try Geocaching, explore the local woodlands – there are plenty of options to choose from. The more active you become as a family, the healthier you will become.

Eat Smarter

Instead of choosing to cook meals for yourself and then separate ones for the rest of the family, make one meal for everyone. There are plenty of healthy meals that your children will like and that are perfectly fine for them to eat. Just remember to mix things up and not to have the same meals again and again, or everyone will grow bored. On nights where you fancy a break from cooking and feel yourself reaching for the takeaway leaflets, opt for a healthier option, such as noodles from, or somewhere that offers a healthy range of meals. There are plenty of takeaways that now provide a range of healthy options, so there’s no need to break your diet with a massive pizza – make a smart choice instead.

Be Flexible

Last but not least, when it comes to what you’re eating and how much activity you’re doing, remember to be flexible. While it’s all well and good wanting to stick to your diet, it’s also important to understand that sometimes it just won’t be possible to do so. Don’t let one ‘naughty’ snack or missed exercise session derail your health goals. Instead, be flexible and understand that sometimes things won’t go to plan and when that happens, it’s okay.

Leading a healthier life isn’t necessarily easy to do; in fact, when you have little ones to think about it can seem almost impossible. However, by involving the entire family in your plans to become healthier, you can make achieving your goals feel far more doable.

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