The Best Modern Kurti Styles

If you are interested in modern Indian fashion, there’s little chance you don’t want or already have a kurti. The comfortable and stylish attire is very versatile and well suited for different needs. It could explain why this attractive apparel has traveled around the globe. The changing kurti trends with its increasing popularity offer more options for wearers. There are so many styling options available that it is impossible not to find a great fit. So, what are some of the most recent kurti trends? How can you spice up your kurti for a more modern look? This article looks into some of the most innovative kurti design like rayon kurtis and styling suggestions you could consider for a fresh look.

Embroidered Kurti

Embroidery might be a throwback to the past, but modern embroidery work on the kurti far exceeds expectation. It is very easy to embroider your kurti with different patterns and styles for a unique and customized finish. Embroidered kurti will not require any accessories, and will usually be easy to pair. They are ideal for casual occasions and as everyday wear.

Half and Half Kurti

Torn between two great patterns that you want on your kurti? Looking to add vibrant style into your collection? A half and half kurti could provide an instant solution. The half and half kurti is edgy and unique, with the hues and color combinations offering an impressive aesthetic. The kurti is versatile and will work for both formal and informal occasions depending on the choice of patterns.

Printed Kurti

If embroidery is not your style, a printed option could be well suited for you. Printed kurtis range from simple prints to highly detailed 3D arts. Your printed kurti will be ideal for versatile use, working well as daily wear. These kurtis will not require very detailed or excessive accessory accompaniments. Our print choice will determine the office appropriateness of your kurti. With the right selection of fabric, hues and print, you could even look slimmer in your kurti!

Minimalist Kurti

If you want to enjoy the kurti without having to dive into the selection of cuts, colors and prints, a minimalist kurti could be ideal. Minimalist kurti styles are pretty straightforward, and feature an unimpressive build. These kurti are great for both formal and informal occasions, and pair well with a host of accessories and footwear. Darker and less noticeable hues are best for a minimalist kurti, combining with the minimalist aspects of design.

Cowl Style Kurtis

If you are considering a kurti for the comfort, the cowl style option could be well suited for you. This kurti is comfortably worn without any bottom pairing, but can work well with jeans and contrasting leggings. The cowl style kurti is great for outdoors events and informal occasions. Remember to wear bold make up and appropriate footwear for the occasion and a perfect look.

Dhoti Style Kurti

If you are interested in a hybrid kurti style that offers the best of other designs, the dhoti style kurti could be a great bet. It combines elements of the asymmetrical high low kurti with a cowl style cut around the hemline. This attire works well with dhoti pants or leggings, and can be well suited for tall, petite and hour glass body shapes. Dhoti kurtis are ideal for outdoors events and parties. We recommend livelier hues and color combinations for a standout look.

Princess Cut Kurti

The royal look of the princess cut kurti offers a lot of appeal. The princess seams, which start from your shoulders to the waist or down to the sides of your kurti. While this kurti lacks a side opening, it features 3/4 length sleeves, and an embroidered yoke or full collar neck with buttons. The princess cut kurti is great for daily wear and all manner of events. For a measured look, remember to keep your accessories, bags and footwear low key to maintain focus on your elegant kurti.

Tulip Kurti

The tulip shaped kurti features a fancy tulip design around the hemline. The rounded and bulbous shape is very feminine, and makes for great casual wear. This style is versatile when it comes to accessories, with chunky and more subtle pieces working well. The diverse footwear and fabric options also make it very easy to find a comfortable and attractive fit for you. As a rule of thumb, you should not pair it with a skirt or go bottomless.

Overlay Kurti

The unique pattern of this kurti features an overlay from the waist downwards. It adds a lot of lively color, which is why this kurti can work without any bottom pairing. If you are not as edgy, you could consider leggings, tight, salwar and palazzos for a chic fit. This versatile kurti design works well for all body types and in different lengths, which makes it a must have for your closet. Remember to keep your footwear open and comfortable, especially when worn outdoors.

Multi-layered Kurti

Double and triple layered kurti, especially with detachable layers, are a hot new trend. The multilayered kurti allows for a colorful and feminine outfit. If the layers can be detached, your kurti can be a multi-style piece! This type of kurti works with larger jewelry and accessories, as well as more open footwear options. We do not recommend wearing the multilayered kurti with a jacket or to a formal event.

Final Word

From the embroidered kurti to the princess cut, you are enough styling options to suit every wearer’s unique personality. Kurtis are comfortable, versatile and attractive, and tend to be very easy to style. That said, you need to consider your body shape and size, as well as your needs to find an ideal kurti for you. You can experiment with different colors, patterns, hues and fabrics to find out what works best for you. If you are heavier set or looking to stock up your wardrobe with summer kurtis, you will need to look into lighter fabric. Silk, crepe, georgette, viscose and rayon kurtis are a great pick for that. We hope that our interactive breakdown of the best trends on offer today has helped you find an ideal match.

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