Work from Home Careers for Women You May Not be Aware Of

It is the age of the internet and constant communication. Remote work and remote careers are the next big wave in employment trends. Women and especially mothers are constantly walking the tight-rope of balancing a career with family and other pursuits. Remote work is slowly going mainstream and certain types of jobs and careers lend themselves better to remote work than others. Moms who want to switch from an office job to a telecommuting one can simply search the job boards to find the list of remote jobs handy.

Let’s take a look at some popular work from home career choices for women:

1. Editing or Writing

Writing is a noble profession. But the best thing about a writing or editing job is that it is perfect for telecommuters or freelancers. One can pick the hours one wants to work and also start an online writing service or business.

Many work at home moms start their careers by writing for blogs or websites. Once you get started, there is no looking back and you can progress with senior writing or editing roles.

You do need to have excellent research and writing skills, a strong grasp of grammar and proofreading basics. As a freelancer, you will also learn how to pitch or bid for projects and hone your business development skills.

2. Online Marketing/SEO

Digital marketing has opened up a range of job roles and opportunities right from social media marketing, search engine optimization, online marketing and content marketing. If you are curious to know what comprises the full spectrum of digital marketing, then check out Probella, a full service digital marketing agency.

Women looking at remote/telecommute jobs can easily take up some of these digital marketing roles:

● Social Media Manager
● SEO Specialist
● Digital Marketing Manager
● Marketing Content Writer
● Marketing Content executive
● PPC/SEM manager
● Technical content writer

3. Web Designer/Graphic Designer

Since every business or service needs a website and an online presence, there are plenty of opportunities in web and graphic design.

Many women have realized that a career in web design or graphic design allows great flexibility. It is ideal for a telecommute job or even a freelance business where you can work with a variety of clients.

Designing websites or graphics is often a steep learning curve, but if you are new to the domain then there are several online resources that will help you.

4. Promotional Video Maker

Those with a background in multimedia and film-making are seldom location dependent. One career that you can easily transition into is that of a promotional video builder.

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s landscape and every company is now leveraging the power of video on their own websites and social channels.

You can specialize in corporate videos or promotional films thereby earning an attractive income and choosing the hours you work.

5. Customer Support

There is seldom a shortage of opportunities in customer support. One evolving field is location-independent customer support. All one needs to be successful in this career are computers, wifi, call or chat software and above-par customer service skills. If you have some experience or specialized skills, then you will find better roles and opportunities. Many companies have already started hiring distance-based employees who have impeccable communication and organization skills.

An increasing number of companies now require customer support executives and owing to the 24/7 nature of this role,it benefits several time zones.

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are available virtually. Many businesses and business owners outsource a number of tasks to virtual assistants. From secretarial duties to technical work, a virtual assistant is your modern-day Jeeves, handing multiple roles.

For instance, a typical requirement of a VA would be scheduling appointments, taking minutes of conference calls, tracking inventory and updating database, answering client emails etc.

7. Online English Teacher

If English is your subject and you are passionate about teaching, then there is a high demand for online English teachers across the globe.

There are many websites that have created a live, one-to-one mentoring platform that matches kids to teachers from countries like China. The pay is good and so are the incentives. Some of these websites also provide the teaching plan and all you need to do is decide the number of hours you want to teach.


Why be part of the traffic and commute when you can spend more time with your family and friends and work from the comfort of your home.

While many women would love the option of working from home, they often don’t know just where to start. With the above mentioned ideas and tips, we are sure you can find a job that pays well and gives you the flexibility.

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