Why Twitter Followers Are Actually Useful?

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From the latest memes to trendy news, Twitter is always filled with engaging content for users of all niches. Some use it for entertainment while others are trying to marketize their products and services. About 5,787 tweets are sent every second – that’s 500 million tweets per day. Sounds devastating, right?

And businesses who haven’t utilized Twitter in social media marketing are already a step behind their competitors. Keep following and learn more about why twitter followers are actually useful.

Importance of Twitter Followers

If you’re a business owner, there are greater chances that you’ve heard about twitter marketing. If so, you might have a rough idea that it’s not an easy task to get more twitter followers. But is it really worth making the effort and spend a lot of time to get more twitter followers? We’ll find that in a bit.

In the simplest words, Twitter followers put a lasting impression on anyone visiting your account. It is the primary reason why business marketers try their best to increase their social fan following. Followers are an important part of a twitter profile and one shouldn’t ignore it. In this regard, here are 3 reasons why twitter followers are actually useful.

1. Puts a Lasting Impression

When someone opens a twitter account they might be interested in, it can either be a brand or personal account, they have 5 seconds until they decide if they’re willing to follow it. In simple words, you have a few seconds to convince your targeted audience “You should click on the follow button, we have a lot of information for you”.

Twitter accounts with a considerate number of followers are most likely to appear higher in Twitter SERP and followed by people. Moreover, nobody wants to follow someone with a handy of followers. Consider yourself, would you want to follow a business or personal profile with only 50 followers? That’s a huge no. The same is the case with most people.

The first thing everyone notice after opening a twitter account is the profile picture. Next comes the bio/description of the account and then the followers.

If your following is more in numbers than your followers, it means that you found more interesting people but only a few people are interested to follow you back. This gives out a bad impression.

2. Authenticity

The biggest challenge in Twitter marketing is creating a credible account and maintain authenticity. It is also true that there are hundreds of bots and inactive accounts on this platform than regular users.

For example, if you follow 10,000 people and most of them follow you back, this means that either you lack engagement or you are a bot. In each case, you’re not portraying a good image for your targeted audience to follow you.

On the other hand, if 10,000 people follow you and you only follow a few of them back, let’s say 100, it communicates well to your audience – communicating “look people are interested in my content, you should also hit the follow button”.

3. Enhanced Engagement

Last but not least, having good numbers on a twitter profile increases customer engagement and you have a better chance at converting these engagements into leads. Nobody wants to follow a dead account. However, when tweets get a lot of likes, comments, and retweets by the followers, twitter marketing strategies have a better chance of engaging more users.

Also, make sure to go for real twitter followers and refrain from fake ones. Fake Twitter followers do not do any good to a twitter account than portraying a benchmark of huge numbers.

4. Generate Traffic to Website

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have always been used by marketers to generate traffic on business websites. Similarly, one can redirect engaged users on Twitter to their e-commerce store which might lead to a sale.

Portraying products and services on a Twitter account with a huge fan base can make enough leads, sales, and skyrocket the revenue. Again, this only works if the twitter followers are real that actually respond to your tweets.

Buy Twitter Followers – Is It Worth It?

By this time, all of you have a clear idea that twitter followers are actually useful. Yet, we also know that it can take months to organically increase your twitter fan following and generate a few thousand followers.

Guess what? You can save yourself the hassle and simply buy twitter followers for the better good. However, make sure the twitter followers you’re buying are real and not inactive accounts or bots.


In a nutshell, when setting out to put your twitter marketing strategies in action, make sure the number/followers on your account are real. Though many people do not recommend buying twitter followers there are many platforms who actually promote twitter accounts on different mediums to generate real twitter followers.

Keep following to learn more about twitter following, marketing, and more.

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