Types of Crystals Are There and Their Meanings and Effects?

Jewelry embedded with birthstones or crystals are a common gift for any occasion; they have the benefit of being personalized to the gift receiver and being a precious piece of gorgeous jewelry, but what is the meaning behind the gem? What different qualities do each have over the other? There is such a wide range of crystals out there and each of them have their own individual meanings that convey a different message if you give one as a gift.

If you are thinking of giving a friend a crystal as a gift or buying one for yourself but aren’t sure about the meanings or qualities of individual crystals, then this guide will give you all the information you need about some of the most popular crystals.

1. Fluorite

Fluorite crystals come in dusky shades of dark green, blue and purple and help to create an air of stability by settling chaos.

If you or a friend enjoy meditation to reduce the stress of everyday life, then the energy from Fluorite crystals can enhance your focus and help you to clear your mind more easily.

If you are looking to purify your body and your life with a clear mind and attitude, then Fluorite crystals can guide you in the right direction.

2. Moonstone

Very much like the symbol of the new moon, Moonstones represent a new start and a chance to start things over. These pale stones have tints of light green, orange and brown and can help you or a friend to reconnect to your female energy and encourage you to trust your gut.

With the power of new beginnings, Moonstones are also known to help with reducing stress and soothing extreme emotions. Like the moon controls the tide, Moonstones can help to settle a tidal wave of emotions.

3. Celestite

Celestite can help to bring a sense of calm to your life. It often has a sky-blue tint, but pure forms of the crystal are colorless. Blue itself is known for enhancing calmness, so it’s only natural that Celestite crystals do the same. The energy from this crystal will nurture harmony in your life where you need it.

For a calmer and purer heart, place this crystal in your bedroom and invite the healing energy in.

4. Jade

Known for its classic gorgeous green color, Jade crystals promote luck and fortune. If you are starting to feel like the world is against you at the moment, then a dash of jade energy could be what you need to get your life on the right track again.

Jade crystals also symbolize friendship, which makes jewelry encrusted with Jade or a whole crystal the perfect gift for a well-loved friend.

5. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz are perhaps one of the most well-known crystals, but they still make a gorgeous gift and offer great healing effects should you need them. The energy focuses on the heart; unconditional love, relationships, compassion and even self-love, are all things that are nourished and supported by the energy of a Rose Quartz.

If you need a little love in your life, whether it’s from yourself or someone else, then Rose Quartz can help draw it to you. Allow the Rose Quartz’s energy to give you the confidence to open up your heart to someone new, or even to yourself.

6. Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron is made up of a combination of crystals, giving it a range of unique healing and nurturing effects. It is made of Tiger Eye, hence its name, Hematite and Red Jasper, which makes it a deeply gorgeous oak color with black and silver stripes.

If you or a friend have been feeling stifled creatively, then the Tiger Iron crystal can bring out those creative ideas, dreams and inspiration again. Its energy is known for helping with overcoming challenges and creating a sense of safety that can bring about harmony and calmness in your everyday life.

7. Amethyst

It’s hard not to recognise Amethyst’s iconic purple color, but what’s less known is the powerful and beneficial effects having this crystal in your home can have.

Grieving a loved one is a difficult process that all of us will have to go through in our lifetime, but the energy that Amethyst promotes can help ease the pain. It is a crystal that exudes comfort, wisdom and passion that can help you or a friend through even the most difficult of times.

There are many more crystals out there with just as unique and influential effects that can help make your home and life more balanced.

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