4 Cleaning Tips for Novices Moving Out of a Rental Home

Countless tenants struggle to get their rental deposit back in full after vacating their rental home. Dirty, stained carpets and dusty cupboards often play a huge role in this. It is extremely important that you either ensure that make sure that every nook and cranny is clean before leaving. Knowing how to go about this can be difficult if you’re not an expert at cleaning, however. Below are four cleaning tips for moving out of your rental home.

Find Cleaners that Offer a Guarantee

The best solution for those that are looking to clean their property is to opt to hire a professional cleaning service with the right tools and experience to do it for you. According to specialist end of tenancy cleaners West Kensington, it can often be much more cost-effective to hire a full-service end of tenancy cleaning company as opposed companies that specialize separately in carpet cleaning, window cleaning, etc. These full-service companies will take care of cleaning the entire property once you have moved out and often offer a guarantee that you will get your rental deposit back in full. It is definitely worthwhile considering, especially if the property is on the larger side. Who wants to do half of the end of tenancy cleaning themselves when there is so much more to do for the move?

Avoid using Harmful Chemicals

Nobody wants their home to be filled with harmful chemicals even if it means that their carpets, floors, and surfaces will be cleaner than ever before. When selecting your cleaning chemicals make 100% certain that they are non-toxic and safe for kids and pets. Hire a professional cleaning service or if you opt for the DIY route, consider using all-natural cleaning products, or take the time to make them yourself. You’ll be amazed at how powerful a bit of vinegar and baking soda can be!

Know what Carpets You’re Dealing With

Not all carpets are created equal. Certain fibers require very specific care, and it is obviously important that you choose to be aware of this fact. Firstly, find out what type of carpet is installed in the property (synthetic, wool, blended, silk, etc.) And then find out if the company has any experience in cleaning that type of carpet in particular. If cleaning the carpets yourself, conduct thorough research on how best to go about it before getting started.

Tackle each Room One at a Time

If the idea of deep cleaning your entire house or flat before you move out seems like an enormous task that you continually want to put off, then you are not alone. To avoid this from happening, break it up into sections. Spend one day cleaning the kitchen and then next cleaning the bedroom. Different rooms will require a different level of cleaning.

Kitchen: First, clear the counters of any clutter; you’ll be surprised at how much ends up somewhere it shouldn’t. Your next task will require you to empty the fridge and the freezer so that you can thoroughly clean both the inside and outside. Once you have emptied the kitchen of clutter and food, start by dusting the cupboards and then scrubbing down the sides with hot soapy water.

Bedroom: For the bedroom it’s important to focus on cleaning the sections of the room that you will not have thought about during your duration of living there. This means behind the heavy-duty furniture such as beds and wardrobes. Once you have started to move out these big items, it will be a lot easier to reach every nook and cranny.

Now that you know how you can make your home spic and span before your departure, you will be well on your way to leaving on good terms with your landlord and with your deposit well intact.

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