3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Hair Extensions Tangle-Free

Hair extensions are popular for a reason. When they’re kept in tip-top condition, they can add gorgeous length and volume in an instant. It’s not always possible for women to grow their hair to the length they desire and for some, thin hair makes it next to impossible to achieve certain hairstyles.

Quality hair extensions that are made with real human hair might cost more but they’re an investment you won’t regret. When you invest money in extensions, it’s only natural to want to keep them in the very best condition for as long as possible.

Something that should be kept in mind is that real human hair extensions will not benefit from the vitamins, minerals and oils that your real hair does. This means that your extensions are prone to dryness and there’s a higher chance of tangles occurring. Tangles will leave your hair looking messy, unnatural and cause you unnecessary stress during your morning routine.

How to Keep Hair Extension Tangles at Bay

According to EH Hair Extensions, there are three basic steps that you can take to prevent hair extension tangles from becoming an ongoing issue.

1. Add Some Extra Care to Your Daily Routine

Sometimes, keeping your hair extensions free from tangles is as simple as making some small changes to your daily haircare routine. Brushing your hair in the mornings as well as the evenings is one change that you can make. By brushing your hair often, you will minimize any knotting and matting. Having the right brush on hand also makes a difference. A natural bristle brush or wide-toothed comb is the best option. Brush your hair slowly and gently to minimize any breakage and prevent any unnecessary tugging. If you have opted to use clip in hair extensions, using a hanger to store them after brushing will make your life that much easier.

2. Before You Go to Bed

How you sleep with your hair extensions can also determine how many tangles you wake up with in the morning. One way to prevent tangles while you sleep is to place your hair in a light braid before you turn in for the night. As an extra step, it’s highly recommended that you get a silk pillow case as this is also known to prevent tangles.

3. Reach for Quality Products

Your natural hair, as well as your extensions, can really benefit from quality products. In most instances, you will need to replace the shampoo and conditioner that you’re currently using. Make sure that all products, whether for cleansing or styling, can safely be used on hair extensions. Basically, you want to look for products that are free from sulfate, sodium and alcohol. Doing so will extend the life of Remy hair extensions by preventing any build-up. Using these types of products will also impact your scalp’s pH levels in a positive way. If you are worried about finding the right products, the best option is to speak to the stylist who will or did install your extensions. Most of today’s top salons stock products that are specifically designed for hair extensions.

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