Pros and Cons of a Female Truck Driver

The profession of truck driving has long been considered as a man’s job. However, as the years passed and women empowerment grew stronger, this job is gradually being conquered by women. It’s no longer surprising if you see women behind the wheel big trucks travelling the interstate. While there can be advantages to having a woman drive a truck, there can also be certain disadvantages as well.

Ultimately, it is up to the business owner to decide if they will have a female truck driver by weighing several pros and cons.

Female Truck Drivers Are Cautious

Well, not just truck drivers, but generally women drivers are more cautious on the road and behind the wheel than men are. There are several studies that prove that the female drivers are cautious drivers and drive better than men. When it comes to accident and traffic violation statistics, men are seen with higher numbers of involvement in vehicular accidents and traffic violations than women.


How does this equate to truck driving? Business owners can see hiring a female driver as an economically sound decision. Having a driver that puts road safety first guarantees that your deliverables reach the destination safely and undamaged. Also, less money is spent by owners for maintenance and repair costs due to the cautious nature of female drivers, which make them less prone to accidents. Also, traffic violations can hit trucking business operations hard, as these not only delay the transport of goods, these can also risk stopping the operations in cases where trucks being held or towed away.


While Being careful can save maintenance and repair costs, female truck drivers most often prioritize safety and compromise speed as a result. Commercial trucks are used for business purposes, and there are certain deadlines and time frames that need to be met. Oftentimes, female truck drivers can’t risk speeding up as it also increases the risk of accidents. This can negatively affect operations and business costs and profitability. However, this is something that can be worked out, with proper conditioning and training.

Female Truck Drivers Are Great Stress Handlers

Handling stress and coping with pressure cannot be measured comparatively for men and women. Both sexes have different means and ways of handling pressure and stress. Terry Law Firm truck accident lawyers point out that stress, sleep deprivation and fatigue are most commonly figured as causes of accidents and crashes involving commercial trucks. Because of the large size of trucks compared to regular-sized passenger cars, they can cause a significant amount of damage and injury, that is why it is imperative to stay alert and with presence of mind behind the wheel of these road behemoths. Also, accidents involving these large vehicles need legal assistance from attorneys who specialize in tracking accidents. Women have a distinct way of handling stress that could be useful in commercial driving situations.


While women have less tolerance to stress and pressure, they have the admirable quality of recovering and bouncing back from them quickly. They make use of different stress relievers and support channels. Stress relievers can range from music, makeup kits, comfort foods, etc. They reach out to support channels like their family, friends and colleagues more readily than men do. Thus, they ride back again as stronger road warriors.


Physiologically, women are not able to handle long periods of sleeplessness. Also, as mentioned earlier, they have less tolerance to stress and pressure, which is a commonplace occurrence in truck driving. Tight deadlines and long travel distances and multiple trips can take an emotional and mental toll on any truck driver. Those who are meek of heart may not last long in this profession. But then again, proper advice, training and mind setting can help female drivers get more or less used to it.

Female truck drivers give commercial trucking a new dynamic.

They are gradually being seen as important as driving forces in the business. While they can’t totally handle trucking as physically as men do, women have other ways of making up for it that can still benefit the business. As more owners of commercial trucks are also female, it is exciting to see this exclusive field for men become an open ground for both female and male truck drivers.

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