How Women Can Improve Confidence in the Workplace

While it’s true that the workplace offers more opportunities for women than ever before, it’s also true that we still face a lot of obstacles when it comes to being viewed as equal to men in many ways. Crucially, one of these obstacles is our own lack of self-belief in our abilities and our worth. Too often we apologize for taking the lead or for making our opinions heard, and many women feel a sense of guilt for having a career while bringing up children. Both men and women face self-doubt in the workplace from time to time, but that doubt should have no relation to gender. So, how can women improve their confidence in the workplace?

Speak up for What You Want

Research has shown that often a key difference between men and women in the professional world is that men are more likely to ask for a pay rise or to put themselves forward for a promotion. Women worry about being underqualified or rejected, but this may be the only reason why you have not received the recognition you deserve. If you want it, ask for it, and don’t be afraid to talk about your strengths and achievements. There is nothing wrong with knowing your own value and being able to talk about it is a great statement of power.

Project Confidence

While in an ideal world, appearances shouldn’t have an impact on the way we perceive ourselves and others, the fact remains that when we feel that we look good we are more likely to project confidence. Choose your clothes and accessories carefully to show your co-workers that you take pride in your appearance and to ensure that you feel the best you can at all times. You might even want to invest in some accessories which show your success such as Breitling watches.

Learn to Say No

Many people have a problem with saying no and, as a result, take on more than we should. This can mean that we spend too much time on tasks which don’t reflect our true skills and talents. Try saying no to some requests so you can focus your efforts on what will make the biggest impact on the organization and your career. You should also try to reduce how often you apologize for having your own opinion. Often women are accused of being bossy for pushing back or having a voice while a man in the same scenario would be seen as an effective leader.

Take more Risks

Generally, women have been found to be more risk averse than men and more aware of the potential consequences of our actions. This is a great advantage in life in many ways when it comes to staying away from danger, but can also mean that we fail to take risks which don’t threaten us physically such as taking risks in our careers. These risks should always be calculated, but often they result in much higher payoffs.

Grow Your Network

There are many benefits of networking in business. A wide professional network can open up more opportunities and enable you to build relationships with influential and inspiring.

Stop Feeling Guilty

Some women find themselves feeling a sense of guilt for pursuing a career when they have children, but much of this is down to years of social conditioning. There is no reason why a woman should stop herself from working if that’s what she wants to do. In fact, working mothers that aren’t afraid follow their ambition are excellent role models for their children and often have a greater sense of self worth.

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