Weight Loss Tips for Women Always on the Go

If there is anything today’s busy professional women can agree on is that they simply don’t have time in the course of the day to worry about eating healthily. As a result, it’s a steady diet of takeaway foods which are high in carbs, fats, or both! If you find that you are gaining weight even though you don’t seem to be eating a lot, it could just be that the foods you eat are high in calories and low in nutrients. Even if you think there’s no time to stop and eat a healthy meal or snack while always on the go, there are always ways to work around that. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Never Skip Breakfast!

Of course, you’ve been told breakfast is the most important meal countless times but as a busy mother or professional woman, you tell yourself there just isn’t time to cut fresh fruit or sit to eat a healthy meal. Some days you eat toast slathered with butter, but that is a huge mistake. A cup of coffee in the morning with a healthy sugar substitute along with a whole grain breakfast bar can help to kickstart your metabolism. Just remember to do away with heavy cream. If you must lighten your coffee, low-fat milk is the obvious solution.

Prepare a Lunch on the Go

Some women also believe there’s no time for lunch, and sometimes this is true. You work in a busy office and although you are allotted 30 to 60 minutes for your lunch, that ill-timed phone call from an all-important client seems to come in just as you were grabbing your bag. Why not prepare for that emergency lunch on the go? There are amazing weight loss pre-packaged foods and shakes which can substitute for a meal and if you often miss your midday meal, this is probably something you’d like to keep on hand. Check out the amazing choices of low-calorie bars and shakes from Shake That Weight. There is a menu plan you can follow, recipes to try at home (when you have time that is!) and it’s easy to simply add a shake packet to a tumbler of fresh water for a quick and easy meal.

Timing Is Everything

Another huge mistake which is common among busy women is that they don’t eat their meals at optimal times. Just as important as it is to eat a healthy breakfast, it is equally important to time your evening meal a good length of time before bed. It’s a known fact that your metabolism slows down while you sleep, and those calories will quickly turn to fat if they aren’t metabolized efficiently. It is recommended that you eat your final meal of the day at least two or three hours before you turn in. However, what you aren’t often told is that you should also move about after that meal to keep the calories burning!

The whole idea of a weight loss diet is to restrict calories (sugars and fats!) while allowing yourself ample nutrients to maintain good health and adequate energy. This means not skipping meals and allowing yourself one or two low-calorie snacks a day. Remember, it takes calories to burn calories so eat foods and beverages low in calories and high in nutrients and watch the weight fall off.

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