4 Expert Tips for an Amazing Belize Trip

If you’re excited to travel to Belize, you’re not alone. In fact, tourism to the Central American destination grew by more than 14 percent in 2018, proving that its exciting excursions, fantastic climate and delicious cuisine are still as attractive as ever. From excursion activities to packing lists, here are four expert tips for your next trip to Belize.

1. Excursions to Try

You can’t beat the snorkeling in Belize, particularly with its crystal-clear turquoise waters and the world’s second largest barrier reef straddling its coast. Check out Mexico Rocks and Tres Cocos by booking a trip with Catamaran Belize, which departs from San Pedro for $85 per adult and includes a buffet lunch and (happily) an open bar.

Another must-see spot in Belize is one of the many ancient Mayan ruins. Caracol, one of the most challenging sites to reach, is also one of the most scenic and is considered the largest known pyramid in Belize at 140 feet tall.

2. Food to Eat

Belizean cuisine cannot be overlooked. With European, South American, Indian and African influences, the combination of flavors as well as the freshness of the ingredients will satisfy any traveler. For example, the traditional rice and beans dish is filling enough to sustain hearty appetites but also mild enough to appeal to picky eaters. The dish is usually made with red beans, cooked in coconut milk and served with spiced meat and fried plantain.

Other traditional foods to taste include rum cake, tamales (wrapped in plantain leaves instead of the Mexican-style corn husks), chimole stew and fresh-caught seafood. Also not to be missed? Fresh tropical fruits such as mangos, soursops, pineapples, papayas, dragon fruit, apple bananas (yes, those are bananas that taste like apples) and of course coconut. Trust us, the fruit is life-changing, and it may make you hate grocery stores back home.

3. Clothing to Wear

Loose clothing made from cotton or other breathable material is best for the hot weather in Belize, which boasts an unbelievable average 80-degree year-round temperature. In fact, the most extreme weather that travelers will experience in Belize is rain.

To protect yourself from both sun and rain, bring a wide-brimmed hat that can also fold up for easy packing. Additionally, don’t forget a versatile lightweight jacket that offers protection from the sun, layering at night and wards off wind on the coast or during a boating excursion.

4. Items to Pack

Now that you’re feeling more prepared to travel, it’s time to pack your bags! Be sure to include the following essentials:

· Insect repellent with 30 percent DEET or higher to avoid discomfort from bites, as well as to reduce the risk of contracting the Zika virus
· Sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher
· Sunglasses to protect your eyes from powerful UV rays (plus reflection off the water)
· Motion sickness medication for planes, boats, cars and buses
· Ziploc bags for packing toiletries, as well as to protect valuables while out on the water
· A waterproof camera and/or a phone case because, you know, your tech is ultra-important
· A coin purse and/or sling backpack to discourage petty theft
· A collapsible water bottle to stay hydrated while out and about

No matter your traveling experience or comfort level, your trip to Belize is sure to be extraordinary. By packing lightweight clothing and a few other essentials, you’ll be well prepared to experience world-class snorkeling, ancient ruins and mouth-watering cuisine. Bon voyage!

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