10 Persuasive Essay Topics on Women Empowerment

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Women are part of the most marginalized group, especially in developing countries. They are often left out in situations as small as homestead decisions up to large economic and national decisions.

The unfair treatment has limited the potential of women who can excel in a diverse range of sectors in business, national governments and other sectors. Because of that, women shouldn’t be shunned out on any activities that they would like to do, but they need to be empowered and given resources to assist them.

The subject matter of women empowerment should be written with energy and zeal so it can be persuasive. Here are ten persuasive topics you can use to write a women empowerment essay.

Empowering Displaced Women

When writing about this topic which is one of the uncommon topics for thesis, you need to expound on the effects of civil wars, disasters, and other violent conflicts.

Mention that 80% of the people who are displaced by these circumstances are women and these issues leave women stranded. Because of that, women need to empowered and equipped to be able to deal with the new conditions they find where they end up finding home.

Parliamentary Positions

The majority of countries don’t recognize the importance of having women in ministerial positions and as a result, parliament is a male-dominated industry. When writing this essay on women empowerment, credit the countries that do include women and have high percentages of women in parliament like Rwanda, Cuba and the U.S.

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Women in Agriculture

38% of farms in Kenya are run by women independently without requesting the help of resources from anyone and they harvest the same quantities as men do.

When writing an essay with this title, you can use this as an example to show the excellence of women in the agricultural field of work. The Kenyan women are so effective at growing crops that they outrun the men in that sector by growing bigger harvests than them.

Economic Growth when Women Take the Reigns

Results of a survey aimed at investigating the efficacy of women in the economic sector proved that when women are involved, the economy improves. Whenever the gap between men and women widens, the economy also suffers. You can choose to use the results of this survey to write an essay on women empowerment.

Household Women Empowerment

The above mentioned result of women being able to boost the economy more effectively also seeps into the home environment. Because the evidence was collected all around the world to test this brought back positive results. You can also mention in the essay on empowerment you are writing that women better homes when they are involved in financial matters.

Causes of the Gender Pay Gap

Women not being trained enough to take on certain jobs can cause them to avoid more professional work which will make them earn less. That negatively affects the quality of life of their families, especially if they are single mothers. Mention women empowerment campaigns that have reaped positive results in this essay.

Women Labor Force Crippled by Caring for Home Responsibilities

Caring for home responsibilities is very important to keep the household arrangement running smoothly. However, there isn’t equalization between women and men in caring for these tasks and that has crippled the women labor force. Many women need to quit their jobs to care for babies or infirm ones in the family.

Gender Inequality with Household Chores

When women come home, they need to cook for their family, do the dishes and manage a lot of other chores. Whereas men come home and get time to relax, the sad part is that they both equally need to rest. As a result, the lack of women empowerment at home makes women work double time.

Underage Weddings

About 12 million girls that are under the age of 18 years around the world get married because their families told them so. The lack of women empowerment in this regard equates to gender inequality as these girls aren’t consulted before the family makes the decision to marry them.

Military Personnel

Ever since the military has allowed females to enlist, there has been a heightened risk to rape inflicted on these servicewomen by their colleagues. One source stated that the risk of a female soldier on deployment in Afghanistan or Iraq being raped is higher than of dying in combat.

In Conclusion

Women aren’t empowered enough and that is evident by the conditions they work under and the wages they get paid. However, some countries and organizations have done exceedingly well and they deserve to get some credit. When writing an essay related to women empowerment, be sure to get the point across without offending anyone.

Author Bio:

Robert Everett is a student counselor and a career coach working on new solutions to make students empowered and perform better in every field. He also works as a volunteer for several social campaigns like women empowerment and global warming. In his free time, he likes to watch his favorite movies, go out cycling and write blogs.

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