Safety Measures to Take When Dealing With Strangers Online

The term “stranger danger” was created to inform kids and their parents of how today’s children can stay safe online. However, it’s come to the attention of many that adults don’t really follow these online safety regulations themselves. Dealing with strangers online needs its own set of safety measures to protect yourself and your family. Consider these tips below to stay safe in today’s digital world.

Geolocation Safety

This feature on our smartphones can be beneficial but simultaneously hazardous. Many apps use geolocation services for marketing purposes, but they can pose a threat to privacy. Anyone can find you this way, so be sure to not tag your whereabouts if you’re home or somewhere safe when it comes to anything you post online or log into.

Purchase from Secure Sites

Cybercriminals make use of the fact that many websites ask for your credit card information to make a certain purchase. When doing so, don’t just give out this information lightly; make sure you’re using a secure and trusted website, one that is well-known among your peers, has reviews, and has been used by someone you know.

Another easier way to tell if it’s secure is by making sure their online address is https as the S stands for secure, instead of HTTP only. You may also find a padlock near the address bar.

Use a Virtual Address

When receiving mail, many fear giving out their real address, especially women. If you’re looking to protect yourself and your family, consider using a virtual mailing address that allows you to turn your postal mail to digital ones. You can also manage whatever postal mail you receive through any digital device. This protects your whereabouts, and it’s digitally convenient.

Be Careful with Online Dating

Online dating has opened many relationship pathways among men and women; however, a lot of women have been taking precautions against meeting strangers online. For starters, it’s always advised to make sure you’re using a secure app that allows you to report, block, and have strong safety guidelines.

Do your internet research first and make sure it’s not a fake profile. Be sure to only interact through the app’s chat service at first and don’t give out your number. If you must because you plan to meet, try using a virtual number that directs their call to yours. When meeting, always use a public location and inform a friend of your whereabouts. Make sure they check up on you regularly as well.

Update Your Antivirus

Protecting your computer or laptop from viruses and malware is a top priority when it comes to online safety. Be sure you update them regularly and make sure you’re using an efficient antivirus; one that handles malware too as not all of them do, so double-check. You can also conduct regular scans and don’t visit suspicious websites.

Internet safety is easily manageable if the right steps are taken. It’s also easy to fall prey to unsecure websites, apps, or services. Be careful what you share online, especially if it’s personal information, location, or financial data. Fallen into the wrong hands, you’ll then face unnecessary danger to yourself or your family.

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