Quick and Easy Ways to Refresh Any Room in Your House

Hiring an interior designer is expensive, and it can be a lot of work trying to find one who has created spaces that you love. Luckily, there are a few simple and cheap ways you can transform a room without having to hire a professional designer. The best part is, your room could be refreshed in less than a day using these top tips.

Change the Room Around

One of the best and simplest ways to change the feel or functionality of a room is to swap the furniture around. Before you start moving items, it’s probably best to draw out a rough room plan to scale and try a few different iterations on paper. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Don’t think you’re only limited to the furniture in the room you want to freshen up either. If you have a chair that doesn’t quite fit in the bedroom, try it in the sitting room. Got a bookcase in the office that you could swap for a lamp in the bedroom? Try it out.

You could also try swapping soft furnishings too like throws, cushions, and curtains. Soft furnishings will help to introduce new colors into the space without doing something more permanent like painting or changing the carpet.

Give it A Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting a room is one of the more permanent options on this list, but it will make a huge difference. A fresh coat of light-colored paint will help to brighten up a room and will make it feel bigger. It will also give it a modern feel, and if you choose a neutral color, you can put your own stamp on the room by mixing in some bright and vibrant furniture.

It can be a real chore painting a room by yourself, and if you’re doing a big room, it can take a long time. If it’s a room you use a lot, you will want it to be finished as quickly as possible. A quick online search for “painting companies near me” will bring up a list of local painting companies that you can contact to get a quote for the work. You might also be able to find reviews online which most people like to see before work starts.

Buy New Furniture

It’s incredible what a difference one piece of furniture can have on the feel of a room. Larger items like rugs and couches will have a dramatic impact, whereas more subtle pieces like lamps and shelves can help to add a colorful or artistic twist. Lamps especially help because they can create the right lighting for your room.

Once you start building a collection of these smaller pieces, you will begin to see the room coming together, and you may find that you don’t need to buy bigger furniture or paint the room because the smaller pieces are just what the room needed.

Refresh Old Furniture

Refreshing old furniture works for both furniture you see in a store and for furniture you have in your home already. If you’ve got an old couch that is too good to throw out, you could look at getting it reupholstered. The great thing about this is you get to keep your comfy couch and have it re-covered in a material of your choice. There are hundreds of different fabrics and patterns to choose from, and it’s likely that when you’re done, your couch will be unique!

The same goes for old furniture you might find in a thrift store. It will be a lot cheaper than buying new furniture for your house and if it’s a little rough around the edges, even better. You can repaint old wardrobes or stain the wood on an old coffee table to suit your style so that it fits in your home. Again, this will give you a unique piece which might work as a feature piece for your refreshed room.

Invest in Wall Art

Wall art is great because it reflects your interests and style. One of the best ideas for using wall art includes not actually hanging it on the wall. Propping it up on tables against the wall or leaving it on the floor leaning against the wall is trendy at the moment. It’s an ideal solution if you live in a rented apartment where you cannot make holes in the wall or hang pictures.

There are lots of different types of wall art you can choose from, including original paintings, metal signage, framed posters, and neon signs. Almost anything that can be hung or propped up can be used as wall art, and it will have an immediate impact on the look and feel of your room. Just bear in mind that heavier items may need to be secured with more than just picture hooks nailed into the wall.

Refreshing your home doesn’t need to be an expensive or lengthy process. By simply adding a fresh coat of paint or placing new works of art on the wall, you can make a difference to the room almost instantly. If you feel your home requires an uplift, why not try a few of the above tips to upgrade and improve each room?

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