Women Who Run the World of Virtual Reality

Did you know that the word “feminism” is the most frequent query in the Merriam-Webster dictionary?

The first growing popularity was noticed after the reports from Interfax during the January March of Women. The second time was when US presidential Counselor K.Conway announced that she did not consider herself to be a feminist. The peak of requests also occurred when many scandalous accusations addressed to the celebrities of show business and politics, which were associated with sexual harassment.

Women began to claim their rights en masse in the 19th century. Now, gender equality is an integral part of democracy. And the progressive development of countries is impossible without it.

Today, feminists around the world are joining forces with international organizations to fight for the elimination of all forms of oppression for various reasons in different countries. Therefore, the struggle of global feminism continues.

Who Are the Most Convinced Feminists Among Celebrities?

Meryl Streep

The famous American actress believes that everyone should have the same rights. Streep is upset that society does not accept the fact that a woman can be a leader.

Emma Watson

Hollywood actress urges men to join the feminist movement and confront gender stereotypes.


The producer and singer raised the topic of equality, more than once emphasizing that everyone should have the opportunity to be what they want.

So what does a woman need to define herself as a strong and independent person in this world of patriarchy?

These days, self-realization is especially important, that can be shown in many aspects of our lives, including various business projects.

For example, in one of the most popular trends today, which is gaining momentum – virtual rooms. They combine both the world of mysteries and logic, as well as modern digital technologies.

It is a mistake to assume that the virtual world is exclusively childish fun or purely male entertainment. Yes, in the beginnings of the creation of the virtual reality, we were imposed only on the male hero as the main character. Today, however, thanks to feminism, stereotypes have changed in both real and virtual worlds.

So, in 1996, the first superhero girl named Lara Croft appeared in the games industry. It was a bold step that had many opponents, but as a result, Lara won. Tomb Raider has become one of the most recognizable brands of modern mass culture. So feminists entrenched in the games.

Particularly realistic, you can feel its importance and leadership in the VR Escape Rooms. There, a woman can become a direct participant in the virtual world and choose who she wants to be: a commander of a military detachment, a resourceful detective, or a Christmas rescuer.

In turn, the business of VR Escape Rooms has its tangible advantages over the classic ones: lower financial costs.

It is enough to buy the equipment once, and then just download new games: fantastic emotions


The gap between the physical body and the mind makes you re-learn everything: think, move, interact, feel. For example, in virtual space, you can fly in weightlessness, move objects by telekinesis.

The leading VR developer of new-generation Escape Rooms is ARVI https://vrescape.arvilab.com/. The main task of the developer is to erase the boundaries between VR and the real world, but so that a person, being in a game, feels as comfortable as possible. In addition, ergonomic helmets HTC Vive Pro provide excellent quality of display and sound.

Unlike classic escape rooms, virtual reality allows you to transfer quests to the most unexpected places and maximize the boundaries of the game.
In order to pass the quest, no special skills are needed. Just before the game, the system conducts a 15-minute training: how to pick up and move objects, how to turn, how to teleport, and so on. Therefore, it is very easy to be adapted even for the beginner. A quest lasts 45 minutes.

The following games are already available in the VR Escape Room:

Mission Sigma. Try to get on the roof of the high-rise building and neutralize the bomb planted by the terrorists.

Christmas Story. This magical game takes place in the residence of Santa Claus and is great for family holidays.

The Prison. Exit the dark, terrible cavern to find out what lies ahead.

Definitely, VR Escape Room is an unusual experience. You find yourself in a fantasy world, where you are endowed with super-opportunities, regardless of gender.

Thus, a woman runs the world of virtual reality without any restrictions and stereotypes.

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