Find Your Way With Words: Bridal Invitation Etiquette Tips

Sometimes the bride is tasked with wording the invitations to the bridal shower, but more often, the maid of honor is assigned this duty, since she generally takes on the responsibilities related to the bridal shower.

Either way, you’ll have a variety of options in terms of bridal shower invitation design options to get you started on the right path. Here’s a look at some of the more successful and conventional ways to go about creating one-of-a-kind bridal shower invitations.

Before Getting Started, Remember to Add All the Key Facts and Details of the Event

This portion of the bridal invitation is simple but crucial ⁠— and it must include the following information to make the event clear to prospective guests:

· Bride’s full name
· Date
· Time
· Location
· RSVP with contact information

The following details aren’t as vital, but they do give the invited guest a better idea of the tone of the event, as well as the activities involved:

· Where the bride is registered
· The theme of the shower and gifts, such as lingerie, garden shower or a traditional shower
· Date of the wedding
· Bridal shower host’s name or names
· Whether the shower is a surprise and at what time the bride is expected to arrive

The Main Content of the Bridal Invitation Requires Some Finesse Here are three ideas that will help you create the perfect message in order to make everyone feel welcome and excited to attend the big event before the main event.

1. It’s Time to Celebrate Our Girl Finding Her Guy

This fun, playful and romantic wording approach may just hit the sweet spot with the bride’s friends and family, instantly indicating the tone of the event as a fun and joyous celebration. With this type of wording and invitation kickoff, you can take it anywhere. Pen a poem, a song or a piece of prose that tells the tale of how she met that special someone and how. There is no such thing as too romantic when it comes to this style and tone of invitation.

2. Let the Spirits Flow to Celebrate the Bride’s Last Hurrah Before the Big Day

A lead like this indicates that the focus may lie a little more on the party itself than the celebration of the impending wedding. Depending on the relationship between the women, this may be the ideal approach to the bridal shower and the associated invitation, letting everyone know they are in for the standard party to mark a dear friend’s passage into the next phase of her life. Remind guests to bring their favorite shot glasses, beer mugs or other beverage containers to suggest the free flow of everyone’s favorite type of drinks.

3. A Toast to the End of Single Life for the Bride

Such an introduction may suggest a bittersweet air to a friend’s leaving single life for marriage. While everyone wants their friend to be happy with the love of her life, there is an air of melancholy. This particular type of bridal shower toggles the line between the other two. Here, guests may be asked to bring mementos from former gatherings, such as concert T-Shirts and photos of crazy adventures.

Set the Tone with the Right Shower Invites

No matter the theme of your upcoming bridal shower, the invitation and thank you cards can help set the tone at both ends of the event, whether it’s a rip-roaring party, a romantic frenzy or a bittersweet farewell to a treasured season in life.

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