Cashmere Ponchos Style Guide 2019

Fashion is forever cyclical. It’s always just a matter of time before something comes back in fashion; the poncho being one such item. The blanket look was deeply rooted in the 1970s, and now it’s officially back on store shelves.

There are many choices in current ponchos. You have choices between neutrals and colors, prints or solids, short or long sleeves, high or low necklines, long or cropped lengths, and light or heavy weights, plus other choices. They usually showcase an asymmetrical hemline, and are over-sized in the extreme, which creates excessive fabric drape.

This material comes from the soft undercoat of goats bred to produce this particular wool. We know that it is pricey because it’s a scarce and costly production. The texture, color, and length of the fibers all affect pricing. The fineness of a cashmere poncho and other items boils down to the spinning and weaving of the fabric which affects the look, feel, and touch of the final product.

These kinds of ponchos are adored by many women for different reasons. You will not find enough good things to say about beautiful ponchos made from super soft material. Let’s take a look at what this dramatically shaped garment has got that makes women want to always at least have one in their wardrobe.

Easy to Wear: Actually, nothing could be easier to wear than the poncho. It’s a toss on-and-go piece that makes a captivating impact with the simplest of the bottom pieces. You can play with different layering techniques to give your poncho a modern spin. Generally, capes tend to be dressier and made of heavier materials while ponchos are lighter and softer. Capes are often loose at the front while ponchos are often worn more like sweaters over the head.

Versatile: Hardly has there ever been a garment as versatile as the poncho. There are literally several ways to wear one type of poncho to pull off the look you want. If your poncho requires to wear something underneath it, the most common option is to wear it over a long sleeve shirt or sweater. For a more office type of look for work, it can be worn over a button-down shirt. You can also go for roll neck ponchos for a very smart and chic look. A roll neck poncho made of cashmere can be light enough to wear it in different ways, plus wear it indoors or outdoors when the weather is right for it.

Ditch a Coat, Jacket or Sweater: A poncho is just as much about warmth as it is about colors and patterns. In fact, the poncho was originally designed to keep us warm. High-quality cashmere can be up to eight times warmer than sheep’s wool despite its lightweight, which makes buying a poncho made of this very special textile will always be a very interesting investment.

Covers up the right spots: Women with bigger waistlines and midsections love that the poncho covers these areas in a stylish way. Because the poncho already has a lot of volume to it, pairing it with skinnies is the least demanding of all ways to wear your poncho. Short hemlines will also give you a great look with your cashmere poncho. The fitted outline of the skinnies or fitted A-line skirts counterbalances the volume of the garment.

Always a Statement

The poncho gives a dramatic look, so always keep it at the center of everyone’s attention. You don’t need to overload on any other type of accessory or clothing. This year, you will find beautiful updates with irregular hemlines, shapes, and the soft rich texture of cashmere. This beautiful cover can be worn in any weather. When you don’t want a shawl or sweater, then the cashmere poncho can be your perfect choice.

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