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If you’re a working mom, you know just how important it is to have life insurance. Of course, you also know that there are never enough hours in the day and you’re constantly running around, putting out fires at work and at home — so when exactly are you supposed to find the time to fill out a lengthy life insurance application and undergo a medical exam? And if you’re afraid of needles, the task becomes even more daunting.

The good news is, there are more options than ever for No Exam Life Insurance policies. With these kinds of policies, you don’t have to spend hours filling out questionnaires and answering intrusive medical questions; plus, everything can be done online.

Sound too good to be true? Read on to find out whether No Exam Life Insurance is right for you.

What is no exam life insurance?

No Exam Life Insurance is exactly what it sounds like — a life insurance policy that you can get without undergoing a medical exam. Typically, life insurance companies require medical exams because that’s how they assess how big of a risk you are. The healthier you are, the less risk and the better terms you get. The converse is true as well.

Since No Exam Life Insurance can’t accurately assess how healthy you are, it tends to be more expensive. However, even if it’s more expensive, there are plenty of reasons why you would choose this type of policy.

Benefits of No Exam Life Insurance

Sometimes, the benefits of a No Exam Life Insurance outweigh the high price tag. Benefits include:

· No need for a doctor’s appointment – Who has time to go to the doctor if you’re not sick? When you get No Exam Life Insurance, you can skip the doctor’s appointment. This is especially important if you’re afraid of needles, since medical exams typically include blood tests and possibly other invasive procedures.

· A completely online process – When you use an insurance broker like Sproutt Life Insurance, the entire process of getting life insurance can be done online. Nothing beats that convenience.

· Fast approval – Since there is no medical exam, there is a short underwriting process/no underwriting at all, which means you can get approved much quicker than standard life insurance policies.

· Easier to qualify – If you’ve previously been denied life insurance due to chronic health conditions or a dangerous job, No Exam policies are a great option. They are approved more freely than standard ones.

Types of No Exam Life Insurance

If no exam life insurance sounds like the perfect answer to your short-on-time, working-mom conundrum, it’s time to decide which kind you want. There are 4 main types:

· Simplified Issue – Includes some underwriting. The insurance company will request medical records from your doctor and perhaps a phone interview, but you can skip the actual exam (a real win if you have a fear of needles).

· Guaranteed Issue – As the name implies, everyone is guaranteed approval. There is no underwriting and the insurance company won’t request any information on you — but all this comes with a price tag. Guaranteed Issue is much more expensive than standard life insurance, and it typically comes with a waiting period of 2 years for your beneficiary to receive the full death benefit payout. It may sound like a tough deal, but for people who have serious health medical conditions, this may be the only option.

· Graded Death Benefit – Similar to Guaranteed Issue, only here, you will be asked a few health questions. Then, the death benefit payout will increase incrementally over the first 3 years of your policy. The benefit of this over Guaranteed is that it’s typically less expensive and offers higher coverage.

· Final Expense – This type of policy isn’t for leaving lots of money to your loved ones, rather, it’s for taking care of the funeral costs so they don’t have to. These policies typically come with fixed premiums, no expiration, and one death benefit (not graded).

Which kind of no exam life insurance is right for you? If you’re having a hard time deciding, you can always speak with a life insurance advisor from Sproutt.

Why Sproutt?

Sproutt is an insurance broker, not seller — which means it’s not biased and advisors don’t have any hidden agendas. Rather, Sproutt is all about the customer, and its goal is to find you the best life insurance policy to suit your needs. If you’re short on time but want quality life insurance, contact Sproutt today.

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