Keeping Your Lesbian Relationship Healthy

A good relationship isn’t easy. They take a lot of time and dedication to work, however, in almost all cases, this extra attention can make the relationship even stronger than it was originally. Sometimes, it can be hard to know what a relationship needs. To help you out, here are five tips on ways to keep your lesbian relationship happy as well as healthy.

Prioritize Alone Time

There are many things that take up time in our lives, such as work, social activities, children and more. Even with all of this responsibility, you really should make one to one time a priority to keep things between you and your partner better. Try to be alone together at least once a week. Planning a fun activity, like a date or something intimate is a great thing to consider.


It is good to surprise your partner; surprises are a brilliant way to keep the relationship exciting. Little things like bringing her lunch, buying tickets for something she loves, romantic notes, flowers, anything small and thoughtful as a gift. Surprises in the bedroom are great too. Sex toys are a brilliant example. They are fun, exciting, and can really help when it comes to bringing you closer together. If you already have some sex toys, then think outside the box and find something new, such as strap ons from Wet For Her. Pleasure can do a lot of positive things to a relationship.

Common Interests

If you are bored with the person you are in a relationship with, things can easily go downhill. If you spend a lot of time with each other, then you should think about getting into something that you both enjoy and that excites you both. This could be anything from a hobby, traveling, even volunteer work. Finding what you find interesting and what you have in common, then expanding on them is a brilliant way to keep things happy and healthy.


When you argue, you don’t have to always be right. Always communicate your issues and talk about what you want. Holding things in is never healthy and can cause many issues, such as creating a big issue out of a small one. Compromise is also very important. If you spend more of your time being nice, then you won’t argue as much and can enjoy your time together.

Look After Yourself

If you are stressed or feel unhappy about anything for any reason, then you can’t expect to make someone else happy. This can be tough on your mental and physical health and can put a lot of strain on a relationship. So, make sure you’re eating well, exercise enough, and spend time alone when you need to. The happier you feel, the more you can give to the relationship.

Thanks to Zoe Price

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