How to Add Personality into Your Home

Your interior and exterior design should reflect both your personality and taste. Rather than following interior design trends that fail to reflect who you are, you must look for stylish ways to inject your image into your home and backyard. So, if you want to avoid a cold, clinical home that doesn’t suit your personal style, read these top tips on how to add personality into your home.

Choose Your Artwork Carefully

You should never select a work of art because it complements your sofa or is loved by your favorite celebrity. To develop a home that expresses your style and taste, you must choose artwork that evokes a positive feeling inside of you each time you look at it.

You will then feel a sense of happiness and satisfaction each time you step inside your living room, bedroom, or dining room.

Add Pops of Your Favorite Colors

Bring your home to life by adding pops of your favorite colors across your property. For example, you can transform dull patio furniture into a colorful seating area by adding trendy outdoor pillows, which can add a touch of luxury and texture into a backyard.

You also should pick decorative items, cushions, and rugs that feature two or three of your favorite shades, which could make visitors immediately think of you when they step inside of a room.

Highlight Your Favorite Hobbies

Express yourself throughout your interior design by highlighting your hobbies to your guests. For example, if you love to play the guitar in your spare time, give an instrument a position of prominence in your living room or dining room.

If, however, you are a music lover, you could frame your favorite album covers, which you could hang on a wall in your bathroom, bedroom or den.

Embrace Open Shelving

Put your personality on display by adding open shelving into different rooms across the home. By doing so, you will have plenty of space to showcase your most treasured belongings, such as family photographs, travel trinkets, industry awards, unique sculptures, or your favorite books.

You also can make the space more visually interesting by adding objects of all different colors, shapes, and sizes. It is an effective way to make your house feel more like a stylish, cozy home.

Incorporate Your Favorite Flowers

Flowers and plants cannot only remove impurities from the air and add color into your interior and exterior design, but they are also a reflection of your style and taste.

To fall in love with your home or backyard every day, incorporate your favorite flowers or plant life into the space. Plus, the floral arrangement or shrubbery can create a fresh, fragrant aroma, which will soon become synonymous with your property.

While there is nothing wrong with scanning interior or exterior design magazines and articles to refine your color scheme and Feng Shui, you must aim to inject your personality into a space to create a truly unique and inviting home.

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