Why Women Make Great Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur has always been a dream for many people; they want to call the shots, be their own boss and make a difference in the world. Recently, many people have taken the leap to become an entrepreneur. Although society sees this as a man’s world, many women have proven that they are just as capable of running the show, if not better. Society has traditionally held women back from the head of the table, but with many women taking matters into their own hands, they are constantly proving it’s actually not a ‘man’s world.’ Here are the reasons why women make great entrepreneurs in today’s business world.

Women are better at Creating Connections

Women possess powerful communication skills that can truly benefit a business. According to many studies, this is one thing that gives women an edge over men. Creating a strong network allows the business resources to grow as well as creating connections that can be leveraged later on for any kind of venture.

Women are more Ambitious and Career Driven

Because we live in a male-dominated society, women often feel like they have something to prove and that’s why a lot of career-driven women are hard-workers. Women are more likely to have the passion of starting a business than men, and they will stop at nothing to reach success and climb over the obstacles they so often face. They will learn the ropes of starting a business, they will establish financial security, they will learn to invest, and how making a business grow. Knowledge is power and it drives their ambition to succeed.

Women are more Emotionally Intelligent

Women are also known for mixing business and humanity. Women have the advantage of sincerity, honesty, and respecting others as well as truly understanding how a business can affect so many people. This helps with retaining customers, clients, and suppliers as well as decrease job turnover among employees.

Women Value Relationships and Work Morale

Women are able to form stronger connections and relationships with others by showing empathy. To a woman, running a business isn’t just about financial success, but about helping others as well. Female-owned businesses actually cater to their employees by establishing the work-life balance we all crave as a lot of them prioritize family and health over wealth. Many women believe that to raise work morale, you have to establish a work environment that values family by offering many family-oriented benefits.

Women are Fair Negotiators and Calculate Risks

Women tend to negotiate in a fair way, in terms of creating a win/win situation so all parties are satisfied. This also means that negotiating with a woman is tough because she will iron out every last detail to gain equality. Women also embrace risk and they have the ability to truly know when a good opportunity is at their doorstep. Women tend to approach a business with a more realistic view, and they can easily assess the chaos or benefits that may come with a risky decision.

Women are great at Multitasking and Planning

Women are pros at multitasking and planning because they’re inherently good at it; it just comes naturally to them. The fact that a lot of women manage to achieve somewhat of a work-life balance, meaning they’ll be able to plan out business objectives and achieve it as well as ensuring financial growth. Women are also great at crisis management as they can tackle an issue in a tactful and peaceful way.

In today’s world, nothing is more interesting than the mysterious, and nothing is more mysterious than the world of entrepreneurs. Tackling that takes guts, ambition and great motivation and women have shown that they can pull it off. Beyonce said it best:

“Who would run the world? Girls!”

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