The Most Popular Exterior Siding Options

When you own your own home, you want to keep it looking attractive for visitors. After all, your home represents you. This is also important if you’re a career woman and sometimes need to entertain guests. It can all count towards making a strong impression which often leads to signing a new client or getting a bigger deal.

When looking to add some new siding to your house to improve its appearance, there are a few options to choose between. In this article, we run through a few of the best choices.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding options. As a good siding contractor Sacramento based will tell you, it’s lower cost and flexible enough that it can be fitted to many different types of houses.

Most vinyl does have a somewhat plastic appearance to it, yet there are many product manufacturers that continue to improve its style with numerous designs and color choices to pick from.

It’s also lower maintenance which is a concern for women who admit that maintaining their home isn’t their most enjoyable activity. However, it can often be fixed when a panel comes loose which isn’t beyond most homeowner’s capabilities either, which isn’t the case with many siding types.

Fiber and Cement Siding

The combination of modern fiber and cement is a newer siding option. It has the visual style of wood or masonry at a lower cost.

This siding is also low maintenance which has some appeal. This is because it’s both resistant to termites and non-flammable too. However, it’s also more susceptible to moisture issues in later life.

Brick Siding

Through the use of fired clay, brick siding is created. It’s intended to be produced in various sizes and textures to make it different with each model batch. As a result, it’s possible to select fired clay brick with the right color, texture and sizing to match your needs perfectly.

Brick siding doesn’t suit every kind of property. It’s most often found around the exterior of Tudor, Colonial or English cottages. This style has been in use for hundreds of years, and so it never goes out of fashion. However, it doesn’t look appropriate for every building, so that needs careful consideration.

Most brick covers a wooden structure. Mortar is applied between the bricks to keep them together and provides a first line of defense against weather elements. Usually, a protective waterproof membrane is added between the structure and brick layer to ward off water accumulation.

Wood Siding

For certain exteriors, adding wooden siding is applicable. Depending on the type of wood selected, it can produce a richer, colorful appearance to what was there previously. It’s most popular with period buildings where this has been used in the past and needs to be replaced now.

Wood siding is usually clapboard. These are wooden planks fitted horizontally. The upper section will overlap the top of the next plank fitted below. Commonly, redwood or cedar is used to deliver the warming hue that’s required with this type of siding.

Not every siding will look right or fit well onto the exterior of every home. Use this short guide as a starting point and then contact a professional to see what your options are.

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