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What’s the difference between powerful men and powerful women? The glass ceiling? The male patriarchy that favors the “good ole boys” over “them thar w’men”? Or is there something more to it?

We’re not sociologists so there’s a lot of questions we can’t answer in this field, but one difference that stands out is the way men and women use social media. Social marketer Neil Patel, broke down the users of top social media sites and found some interesting results.

Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are the top three social media sites women use. Women use those sites to stay in contact with friends and family. Women also use their phones to access social media sites more than men do, 69% for women versus 39% of men.

LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube are the top three social media sites for men. Men typically use them to compete with each other and get things done. While women go online to look up other people, men go online to look up things.

Social Media for Men

Like it or not, social media was created by men for men. Mark Zuckerberg hires a lot of women at his company and gives to many feminist causes, but he’s not a woman. He’s a man. Think of all the other social media sites and try to name one, just one that was created by a woman.

You can’t. They were all created by men, which, at the end of the day, means they’re intended to be used by men. Whether consciously or unconsciously, the algorithms and set up are all designed with men in mind. Since a growing share of all business and wealth revolves around the internet and social media, that means men will reap the lion’s share of the benefits.

No one said life is fair.

Leveling the Playing Field is Destructive

Tearing someone down, leveling the playing field so to speak, in order to be equal with them doesn’t improve the position or life of the person doing the tearing down. All it does is wreck the life of the person being brought down. It might feel good emotionally for a little while, but in the end, all it does is destroy. Just like a man.

Women are supposed to be better than that.

Instead of trying to tear men down, women should be building themselves up. They need to learn to compete on an un-level playing field and win anyway.

Using Technology Powerful women can use technology and social media to organize their work space for the 21st Century the same way men can, but to create a network of friends and contacts to help each other in ways men simply don’t understand. Despite being designed by men, the internet and all its many aspects rely on connections, the area of life where women truly excel. It’s time to use that advantage.

Take a look at Celebrating Women in Tech for a taste of what this means for the future. You’ll see how women are rapidly overtaking men in a wide variety of fields, meeting them head-on and beating them at their own game.

Leveraging Social Media

One of the ways to leverage social media where women have a built-in advantage is to visit places such as Social Media Daily’s official website where you can buy followers for all your social media accounts.

Social media accounts, such as YouTube where men dominate, are controlled by algorithms that rank videos by competitive statistics such as views and likes, regardless of where they came from. That’s an important point to be aware of. When someone searches for a specific topic, the resulting list is ranked by the sheer number of views and likes for each video in that category regardless of where those views and likes came from.

If you’ve monetized your account to make money (and you should), you can make this work to your advantage by buying followers who will view and like your videos on YouTube. That will raise your position on the search list, resulting in more people seeing, and watching your videos. When they view your videos and like it, it adds to the ones you purchased, creating a cyclone effect that builds on itself with every iteration.

The same thing holds true on other social media platforms as well. Does buying followers on Instagram work? Of course, it does, because it follows the same male logic of never-ending competition. Learn to use men’s rules against them and you’ll win every time.

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