Go Head To Head With The Big Boys

If you want to compete with the big boys it means you’ll have to play by rules that are stacked against you before you even get started. It’s just the way it is. In order to win that battle, you need to fight hard and use every advantage you have.

The primary advantage is one you’re born with – women are more photogenic than men. It doesn’t matter if it’s fair or just, unfair or unjust. It doesn’t even matter if it clashes with the rules of feminism. It’s just a simple fact. Women look better in pictures than men do.

Since so much of modern business is predicated on social media, and since so much of social media revolves around appearances and 2-second snap decisions, you better use what you’ve got for all it’s worth.

You Need Headshots

Headshots, otherwise known as beauty shots or publicity shots are close-up pictures showing a person from about the chest up. A tight headshot shows just their head. A mid-range headshot will show a picture of the person from the middle of the waist and up.

Think of all those official pictures you see of politicians, where they’re professionally dressed and smiling at the camera with a flag in the background. Those are mid-range headshots.

Headshots are where you put your best foot forward and introduce yourself to the world, especially all those potential customers out there.

The Impact of a Good Headshots

To understand the impact a good headshot can have, take a look at this article about Jeanne Holm – WOMAN of ACTION. There are three pictures of her in the article, two normal pictures, and one headshot. The difference between them is startling and is an effective lesson on why you need a professional doing the photography

The first two pictures aren’t bad but they’re not especially flattering to her either. The third picture though is very flattering and is a perfect example of a headshot. She projects the image of a powerful, competent woman who knows what she’s doing. She’s meeting your gaze with confidence and assurance. This is what you want.

Social media is where powerful women need to shine. That’s where the customers are, that’s where their first introduction to you and your company will be, and it’s the front door of your business. When

people see your account online, they’ll scroll right on by unless something draws their attention. That’s where your headshot goes.


An interior designer would need a different type of headshot than a NASA engineer or a corporate attorney. According to an article in Forbes, by Kate Harrison, branding makes a huge difference. They discovered that 82% of customers are more inclined to trust a company that uses social media than not.

That means you need to be on social media and you need a headshot that creates solid customer feedback and builds your business. For that to happen you need a headshot done by a professional photographer.

Some Tips to Prepare for Your Photography Session

Here are some tips to help your business headshots look their best. The first one is, don’t let a friend take the pictures. Hire a professional. Your friend will get over it when she sees how good you look in the pictures. She might even want to hire the photographer to take some pictures of her.

● Hair and Makeup

No matter how long you’ve been doing your hair and makeup, pay attention to what the photographer tells you, then do it. Taking pictures is their business. Following their advice is a compliment to their abilities.

● Get Some Sleep

No one looks their best on three hours sleep. Go to bed early the night before your photo shoot and get a good night’s rest. That way you won’t be trying to cover the bags under your eyes with an extra layer of makeup. A fresh, well-rested look can’t be faked.

● Schedule the Session for Early Morning

It only makes sense. You can get all the sleep in the world then have your serenity and peace of mind destroyed by one phone call. Get the pictures taken in the morning before the day starts.

● Good Posture

Most mothers are always after their children to sit up straight or stand up straight. It’s great advice. People with good posture project an air of self-assurance, confidence, competence, and trustworthiness – all the traits and qualities you want people to see when they look at you.

Headshots are your calling card to the world. Hire the best and look your best. It’ll pay dividends.

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