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Balancing academics then switching to nursing is not a cup of tea for everyone. If you want to be a registered and good nurse, you have to put all your efforts. It is not for all; it needs smart and managing minds to proceed with. Nursing is basically playing with various environments with different roles and presence of mind. To serve humanity and to earn with such a well-reputed career, you need to get good grades while studying for nursing.

Various Types or Fields of Nursing You Should Know About

Nursing is not a single platform it’s just a starting through which you have to proceed for your desired specialization. There are many nursing career options for which you can go through different nursing degrees and diplomas. Nurse practitioners are of a higher level and licensed nurses are of entry level.

Health educators on other hands are pillars of the health industry as they spread education about health. Health educator salary depends on their type and skills.

· Licensed practical nurses

· Registered nurses

· Neonatal nurses

· Nurse practitioners

Licensed Practical Nurses

Licensed practical nurses are basically first or entry level nurses. They have several minor duties or may be various in-depth duties according to the respective nursing board. They have to

monitor the patient’s vitals, change their clothes or clean the wounds, etc. They take care of the patients with the supervision of higher level nurses. They should have complete their degrees properly with the clearance of the national nursing exam to further proceed for their career.

Registered Nurses

Registered nursing is the most popular among all and is commonly known worldwide. These nurses are to communicate or counsel the family of the patient. They also accompany the consultant and take care of in-depth situations of different patients. They must be with a complete associate degree but not everywhere it is required.

Neonatal Nurses

These nurses are responsible for the care of newborns, premature and babies with various health complications. They supervise the infants and also supports the new mommies during feeding and other situations. They calm down the panic parents of suffering infants and guide them about the aftercare and other vitals.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners are mainly known as masters because of their master’s degree in nursing. They are closer to consultants than registered nurses. Even if there is a need they also attend the patient as a replacement of consultants. They are more experienced and are of a higher level to easily handle various clinical situations at a time. Average nurse practitioner salary is higher than registered nurses for their specializations and experiences.

Getting your master’s done in nursing is easier nowadays as there are online degree programs. Nursing students can conveniently study for their desired nursing specialization. You can get guidance about online nursing programs through global health education.

Holding a master’s degree is a big achievement especially if you are talking about nursing. Masters in healthcare administration salary is good enough to appreciate your master’s degree and extra smart skills. For further details about nursing and other degrees of nursing, you can go through Global Health Education.

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