Breast Augmentation and Lift Combo Might Be the Way to Go

Even the most confident of women among us may feel self-conscious about the way that her breasts look and feel. Breast augmentation remains one of the top cosmetic surgery procedures performed, world-wide. Women want to look as young and as healthy as they feel, particularly after having children, or if they have lost a lot of weight in recent years.

Weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding and even gravity can take a toll on the way that a woman’s breasts look and feel. Breast augmentation can turn back the hands of time for a woman.

Combining the breast augmentation procedure with the lift procedure can help to produce the right results for a woman who’s looking for that youthful silhouette.

Which breast implant type is right for you?

Determining which type of breast implant, along with the size of the implant, is a major decision. This will have an impact on your results, so it’s important that you work with your cosmetic surgeon to make the right option to help meet your cosmetic goals.

Saline implants are a great option for patients looking to keep scarring to a very minimum. The empty implant is set in place through a small incision. It is then filled with the pre-determined amount of saline. Saline implants offer the look and feel that patients want, while scars are kept to a minimum.

Silicone implants offer a more realistic feel over saline and do tend to look much more natural once in place. There will be more scarring as the implant will need to be inserted at its full capacity.

A skilled surgeon performing your breast augmentation and lift procedure will know how to keep scars to a bare minimum.

Gummy bear implants are quite firm, which means that they may not feel quite as natural as the silicone implants do. They do, however, hold their shape indefinitely and are much less likely to rupture.

The matter of size

With your augmentation surgery you have the potential for going up one size or even several cup sizes. But is going much bigger really the better option? For patients who have lived many years with a smaller cup size, the thought of having a DD chest may seem like it’s ultra-appealing. However, it’s not always necessary to make extreme changes to your cup size in order to attain the results that you are looking for.

Augmentation with a breast lift

The breast lift procedure relocates the nipple and the areola so that the breast can be lifted. Excess skin will also be removed if it is needed. The result will be a perkier and much more youthful look to your breasts.

In order to get best results from an augmentation surgery, your doctor may recommend that you combine it with the breast lift. You won’t need to add quite as much volume to the implant when you include the breast lift. You’ll then be able to attain great positioning for your new breasts and get a more natural shape to them.

The combination of these two procedures ensures that you get the increase in volume but also that you get more natural results.

Whether your breasts have lost density as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding, or because you’ve lost a great amount of weight, combining your implant augmentation surgery with a breast lift can help you to look and feel younger, and also give you that boost in self-confidence that you deserve.

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