Attending Church for Your Mental Health and Well-being

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Humans have acquired much more knowledge than at any other time in history, and technological marvels of today allow us to live much more comfortable lives than at any other period in human history. Yet suicides are up the world over, and the rates of depression and anxiety are ballooning in adolescents and teens around the world. At moments like these, it’s important to remember community and religion are things that hold entire civilizations together and can present greater opportunities for people to come together and heal.

The Role of a Church Today

The role of a Church has changed much during the past century and now it only offers the things that religion can. Earlier, the Church wasn’t simply a building where you could come to confess your sins or to congregate to discuss matters of faith, but a gathering place for neighbors, community members, brothers and sisters to speak with each other and to make important decisions.

Today the roles of government, financial institutions, relief organizations, and hospitals are so great that the church doesn’t serve all of those purposes any more, it only serves to give people a place to congregate and speak and learn about faith. Yet, that service has never been of more importance than it is now.

Visit the Calvary Baptist Church of Burbank on Sundays for a greater sense of community which can help you with your mental health.

Meeting Spiritual Needs

Today’s world is filled with more difficult challenges than ever before and they are taking a toll on people’s mental health all over the world. The storms inside us can’t just be quieted with a magical panacea. The opioid epidemic has proved that completely. There is a need to congregate and go back to the basics. The anchor of faith may seem outdated and arcane to many, but it is still an incredibly important thing to hold on to for your sanity and general well-being.

With less and less people growing up religious and more and more people identifying as atheists or as no religion at all throughout the world, there is a duty to be done in the Church not only to preach the word of God, but to give them solace and meaning in their lives, something which has become a rarity in today’s world.

Countering Depression

The role of religion in countering depression and helping with mental health has been established as a matter of fact. It helps people cope with their uncertainties and gives them a solid foundation on which to build their recovery.

This effect is consistent across all races, genders, nationalities, socioeconomic statuses and ages. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, white or black, man or woman, or in the East or West, religion helps you get out of crippling depression and see the light.

That is the role that the Church should be striving for. Who knows how many people can achieve salvation if they find the community and the support of the Church in their lives.

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