7 Tips to Lead a Blog Being a Mom and Having No Time

Starting a blog and being successful at it is not an easy job, especially being a mom. As blessed as motherhood is, it comes with its own demands and challenges. But thanks to the internet and the boom in technology, blogging opens up a plethora of opportunities for moms determined to make a career of it.

If you are looking to explore a new career path via blogging or looking to create a community, you are better off with a few tips to help along the way.

1. Establish your Interest

Blogging requires dedication, almost every day. Before committing to such a big task, ask yourself a few questions. How much time can you a lot per day for the blog, do you have the resources and what are the skills required to monetize it?

Do not set out for the journey just because everyone is doing so. Consider the circumstances and make a plan that is most suitable; who knows, you might already be a blogger by heart.

2. Figure out the End

If making money is the objective that has to be the primary concern too. To monetize blogs, the best approach is to start at the end. Determine what to sell, how to do it and what kind of users you can sell it to. Initially, look into the many ways a blog can many money and how to achieve them or whether your area of interest has that kind of potential.

Establishing a niche also includes identifying the target group and tailoring the content to cater to their needs. Before starting right away posting blog content in the chosen niche and hoping to figure things out as time goes, this step is essential to get a direction for the business. Even if you think you are good in a particular niche, a strategy is critical to paving the path.

3. Stay Exclusive

There is no need to stress that blogging field is fiercely competitive. For whichever topic or niche, there is, the chances are that there are already a number of blogs out there. Regardless of whether its a blog or an online service, there has to be something unique to the blog. Instead of generalizing ideas, focus on coming up with expert and informative content, inspire the readers with a journey while building up a brand with the future in mind.

If the niche is something the writer are not passionate about, it would only be a matter of time before they get bored of the same. Running a blog especially as a mother tests the patience, willpower, and determination. Hopefully, it will also train you to do both jobs effectively.

4. Make a Schedule

Bloggers have to be punctual about their schedules. Without regular content, there are possibilities that even a devoted follower could unsubscribe. But being a mother and finding time for coming up with original blog content is not always possible. Fortunately, there are services like EssayPro in Canada, where one can hire writers to help with content writing.

As a client, a user can post the jobs and get bids from writers on any type of article you want. With the help of such services, posting on schedules might not be as hard as it seems. If needed, you can also create a number of evergreen posts at once when you get the time and choose to post them on separate occasions. Even without blog posts, make sure to stay active in social media to keep the audience engaged; that would not take much time like creating blog content.

5. Do the Homework

Before launching any business, it is necessary to understand the topography. With your mind set on a domain, it is time to research the competition. Look for the other top blogs in the area of interest, even your favorite ones that were the inspiration. And the next step is not to copy their style but to come with a tone that is true to your taste and of the audience as well.

6. Start Working

Now, one thing that you might end up doing is endless planning. But it is also necessary to let go of the self-doubts, inhibition and start working on the materialization of the blog. Start right with the website itself by creating one on a free domain or investing in a professional to design.

At the same time, keep some time aside to learn about the basic analytical tools and using social media effectively to understand how the blog is performing and look for feedback on how to improve.

7. Be Realistic

As much as we all like wonders overnight, blogging might take some time to see success. It could be a frustrating process, especially when you are putting in all the energy into your passion. But if this is your dream, then do not take no for an answer. All it takes is one post to go viral to get attention.

Work simultaneously on both short term and long term goals for the blog. The key is the consistency and with commitment, there would be nothing standing between you and that popular blog of yours.

Thanks to Author: Michelle Brooks loves to read, write, listen to music and use words to persuade people. She has worked her way towards being the team leader of content managers. She uses words as weapons, so keep an eye out for her powerful articles. Her Twitter: @michellebrook23

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