Four Factors to Consider Before Moving in With Your Partner

If you have never lived together before, it can be both an exciting and daunting time making the big move. However, here are some great tips for couples moving in together. Many couples find that living together is the make or break phase of their relationship. If you are looking forward to moving in together, this is probably a good thing and means that it should go off without a hitch. It is normal to feel a little nervous, as you will be going from seeing your partner now and then to every single day. If you are thinking of moving in together, here are a few factors to consider before doing so.

Always Talk About Money

Being upfront with your finances from the start is the best way to ensure there is complete trust between the two of you. If you do want to live together but you are not financially there yet, don’t pretend to your partner that you are okay. There is no use in rushing into an agreement with a new landlord if you are going to fall short, as this could cause trust issues with your partner and lead to arguments.

You should also both check your credit score, as this may be an important factor that could hinder your renting experience. If this is the case, and you both have a poor credit rating, it may be worth looking to rent from a private landlord who will not take into consideration your credit rating. As equal partners, you should be splitting the bills in half, but if one of you has a much higher paid job than the other and you are happy to split the bills differently, do so. Ensure that both of you are 100% happy with any agreement you come to.

Agreeing on a Location

Choosing a central location where you are close to the things that matter is another tough call. There needs to be a compromise here, and it may mean that you have to live further away than you would have liked from friends, family or your job so that your partner can be at an equal distance too. If you can find a place that is in a central location for you both to travel to work or college, as well as being close to any family and friends if this is what matters to you, then this ensures that the move is right for everyone. If they choose an apartment that you are not happy with due to the route to work being too much, don’t keep quiet.

Not talking about this could lead to arguments once you have made the move and could lead you to harbour feelings of anger when your partner didn’t even know how you were feeling. Unfortunately for some couples, this is a make or break deal for them. If you live a significant time apart from each other and neither of you are willing to sacrifice things to make the move, then it may be best to leave the relationship there if neither of you can come to an agreement.

Decorating Your New Place

Aside from money and location, this is one of the hardest things to agree on as a couple, especially if you have different tastes. Choosing furniture between the two of you may cause some arguments and sometimes it is easier to choose an apartment that is already furnished. If you choose a beautiful space such as Blueground’s fully equipped apartments, which are available in areas like San

Francisco as well as other states across the US, this will be one less thing to worry about when you move in together. Their furnished apartments will appeal to any couple who love a bit of class with a modern touch. This also means if anything was to happen in the future, there is no need to get rid of furniture that nobody wants or to argue about who bought what.

Be Prepared for the Good and Bad Moments

There is no perfect couple, and no matter how well you get on, there will be a time where you get on each other’s nerves. This is perfectly normal and does not mean that it is not working. Living with someone all the time means they will see you at your best and at your worst and there will be times where you are in a mood over something completely unrelated and they are just there in the firing line. Couples argue but living together means you can’t just walk away as easy. Don’t worry though, you will make many amazing memories together in your new place too!

There is much to think about before moving in together – some very trivial points, and some very important ones. Discussing money and location is the most important before making the move, and decorating comes a close third. Remember, moving in together means you might argue sometimes, but all couples have tiffs and these shouldn’t affect your relationship.

Thanks to Zoe Price

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