6 Traits of an Exceptional Writer

When was the last time you came across a piece of writing that moved you and made you wish you could write like that? It sure is rare to come across articles and well-written essays that manage to leave a lasting impression on us. After all, knowing how to write does not necessarily make one a good writer, does it?

Whether you are writing a college essay, an advertisement or a book, there are certain elements that can take your writing from good to great. So, if you are you trying to become a better writer, here are 6 essential traits that you must take a cue from –

Clarity of Thought

Clear writing stems from clear thinking. If you are unclear about what you wish to convey to your readers, there is no way you can expect people to comprehend your writing.

You must keep your audience in mind while writing and begin with a rough outline first. Ask yourself the right questions to understand the purpose behind your writing, what is it that you want people to take back and what emotions do you wish to evoke in them.

Remember that jargon do not make you appear any smarter. If anything, they complicate your writing and make the reader less engaged. So, stay away from the use of jargon and complex sentences.

Excellent Vocabulary

Having a strong vocabulary is one of the most important elements of being an exceptional writer because it lets you choose the perfect words to convey your message effectively and enables you to express yourself better.

Being a writer, your vocabulary is always work in progress because there will always be more to learn. The best way to improve your vocabulary is to keep reading. It is also a good idea to make a note of all the new words you learn in a day to stay on top of your game.


Writing is a lonely process and it certainly is not easy to motivate yourself to write long, descriptive essays and even books for that matter. There will be days when you will feel lazy and experience a writer’s block.

In order to combat such days, you need to be extremely self-motivated and disciplined to be able to push yourself to write and not lose track.

It’s important to understand what makes you tick and motivates you to write. Get rid of distractions, use productivity tools, commit yourself to it and develop a writing routine that works for you.


The beauty of writing lies in the concrete details. The more detailed your writing is, the more vivid a picture you are able to paint for your reader, thereby making them associate with it better.

That said, don’t make the mistake of adding unnecessary, empty details to your writing just to make it appear “descriptive”. Do your research and add details that are likely to add value and depth to your content.


People, places, mannerisms, reactions – exceptional writers are constantly observing. They treat everyone around them as means of inspiration for their writing.

Talk to most writers and they are likely to be carrying a journal around with them at all times to make a note of everything they observe. This helps them in painting a picture and shaping up characters in their own piece of writing.

As they say, inspiration is everywhere if you look.

Open to Feedback

Whether it’s getting feedback from your writers’ community, family or friends – it’s important to seek feedback for your writing as it helps getting a different perspective and you never know you might come across a positive suggestion that can enhance your writing. Hence, you need to be open to receiving feedback and learn how to deal with criticism well. Secure writers are those that never shy away from asking for feedback. They are able to look at feedback objectively, accept what they think is positive and ignore the rest.

Thanks to Adela Belin

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