4 Signs You’re In Need of Botox

Whether its deep forehead creases or sagging skin, an aging face will always look different on everyone. Thankfully, there are quite a number of anti-aging solutions available today, meaning you dont have to give up on your skin by letting it looked droopy and wrinkled anymore; regardless of your age. If age isnt a determining factor in your decision-making with regard to whether you should get Botox or not, what is? If you want to get botox you could get in touch with somewhere like this clinic for Botox in Westchester, NY or somewhere more local to you.

Here is what top skincare professionals say are the signs you may need the treatment.

1. Skin Thinning and Deep-Set Wrinkles

For most individuals, this occurs in the late 30s or their 40s. Therefore, if you suddenly notice some fine lines showing in the unwanted regions, its a sign you need the treatment. Botox helps temporarily reduces the appearance of fine lines and freshens up the facial area. Professionals say you can resort to this treatment once you begin to notice fine lines or the angry look appearing. It is advisable that you get the procedure done the moment the lines start to show.

2. Deep Wrinkles That Show With Your Facial Expressions

Dynamic rhytids wrinkles that disappear the moment you stop making facial expressions is yet another sign that youre ready for this treatment. While it may prove a little difficult to eliminate these fine lines, the specialists from MyBotoxLA say you can still opt for the treatment due to its potential to reduce the static wrinkles depth. Furthermore, the treatment prevents the static wrinkles from becoming more etched in and deeper, as it minimizes muscle contraction, especially in the areas that have been treated.

3. Facial Asymmetry

If an eyebrow is sitting lower than it should or a side of your mouth is lower when you speak or smile, professionals say Botox can be a great option that will help relax the affected side of your mouth or brow, thereby creating a more symmetric look albeit temporarily. The anatomy of the procedure is quite complex. However, if done correctly, there is a possibility it will last a long time. Since it is an advanced procedure, it should only be executed by highly trained, board-certified dermatologists with a high level of proficiency in Botox injections.

4. A ‘Gummy Smile’

While it isnt something that would urgently require treatment, having a gummy smile means your upper gums and teeth show significantly when you laugh and smile. Thankfully, Botox injections can be used effectively to lower your lip to enable it to cover more of your gum area. Most times, the treatment will only require utmost two injections below your nose. However, the location of the injections must be carefully designated, depending on your anatomy.

Botox injections offer you a great alternative to the more invasive cosmetic procedures considering it is quick and painless. Furthermore, it seldom causes any side effects. Therefore, if you need to know whether youre the right candidate for the procedure, it is important that you refer to the signs discussed above. Besides fitting your active lifestyle, the procedure provides you with true cosmetic convenience.

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