Reasons Why Women Crave Chocolates

Both women and men have cravings. There are the urges to consume something that is said to be the cravings. Though they both experience these cravings, the cravings are very different from each other since they have different genders. The gender of a person influences a lot on the type of craving that a person gets. For women, cravings depend on the environment they are at and their body conditions. These cravings can be as a result of any deficiencies in their bodies. Since women can be at different body conditions compared to men, their bodies can run short of some substance that will lead to cravings.

What causes cravings for chocolate by women?

Women are subject to changes in their health conditions. For instance, during the pregnancy, stage women are subjected to different cravings. Also, during the menstrual periods, they can also have cravings for different substances in the body different from those craved for during the pregnancy period. Organic chocolate for these instances is greatly craved for. These conditions make the craving depending on the substances required in the body.

For pregnant women

Chocolate is said to have magnesium content in them. Magnesium is very important during the pregnancy period. A pregnant woman who consumes foodstuff rich in magnesium such as chocolate benefits her muscles. Muscle contraction requires magnesium, which can be found in the chocolate foodstuff. It also helps in developing the bones of the unborn child. During the pregnancy period, it is important for a pregnant woman to control insulin and the levels of blood sugar in the body. Consuming magnesium helps in doing so. Lack of enough magnesium in the body will lead to cravings for chocolate, which is rich in magnesium content.

During the menstrual cycle

During the menstrual cycle, the body of a woman will produce estrogen and progesterone hormones. During this process, the level of magnesium in the body will decrease. For the body to have enough magnesium, a woman will possibly have chocolate cravings which have the magnesium in it. This magnesium also helps in preventing menstrual migraines in women. The magnesium content that is consumed it the body during the cycle will also prevent the PMS-related symptoms and help in the retrieval of the lost fluids in the body.

Since women have different cravings compared to men, it is important to consider the factors that lead to cravings. Despite the fact that the cravings are caused by different factors, it is very important to make sure that the cravings are controlled to some extent. Chocolate craving can be very common for women due to different reasons that cause cravings. However, excessive consumption of chocolate may have some health implications in the body depending on the body conditions.

Women tend to crave for the foods rich in magnesium, which can be very beneficial to the body but in a controlled way. Specific quantities should be considered. Since chocolate has high sugar contents, it should be consumed in a considerable quantity to avoid the effects that are caused by the high quantity of sugar in the blood. However, the consumption of the craved chocolate should be controlled.

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