How to Trim Your Pubic Hair without Irritation

Trimming your pubic hair may seem to be a straightforward process for many women. However, it is a hectic one to women who develop complications after the shave. No matter the quality of the shave, itching might be unavoidable to most people. For this reason, trimming can be the best solution to these problems. What you do to your hair down there is a personal choice. Unfortunately, you might be repeating the mistake now and then out of ignorance.

Mistakes made during shaving/trimming

There are several mistakes done by most women thinking that shaving or trimming ought to happen in a certain way. Continue with the read to find out.

Shaving during a shower

Unfortunately, most women are always in a hurry to get somewhere, and shaving may be their last thing on the list. When this happens, you might experience some razor burns as you tend to pay less attention to these places. Make sure that you exfoliate before getting into the shower to avoid ingrown hairs.

Use of shower gels and old razors

Ignorance will be the end of many people. As long as some they shave off the hairs, they don’t care about the products they use. Some use whatever is in the bathroom to smear on their pubic areas, even shower soap. Using old razors may give you razor rashes. Instead, purchase shaving gels and razors for that purpose alone.

Using regular lotions to apply after the trim

Most of the lotions we use are full of fragrances. This can be harmful especially for the ladies. Many markets are already loaded with aftershaves creams. Get yourself one!

If you do not wish to shave everything, trimming can be a good option. However, you have to follow specific procedures for the process to be successful.

1. Pick all the right equipment and clean them

Before you embark on this task, have a mental preparation that this is a private meeting that requires ample preparation. Once you get into that bathroom, ensure that the only time you get out is after the trim. Pack your items such as trimming scissors, shaving scissors, teethed comb, and a mirror.

The second step is sterilizing all the tools in a disinfectant. Regardless of whether the tools are personal, always sterilize them to get rid of harmful bacteria and germs. Once they are dry, get to the second step.

2. Clean the pubic area.

Some women never care about the hygiene of this area. For some, they dive into shaving immediately. Cleaning is essential as one softens the hair strands. After this, comb through to remove all the tangles. Always ensure that the hair is dehydrated before the shaving. You could use the aid of a hair dryer to provide complete dryness.

3. Prepare the hair and start clipping

Preparation is essential as you decide where your hair will go and how you will go about the process. Pick your mirror and place it in a strategic position. You may use newspapers or a towel to prevent the hair from clogging the pipes. After getting a perfect position, start the clipping process.

Comb through the hair to make it tangle free. Once this is done, clip all the hair above the comb. This will ensure that you get a sizeable length of the hair that a trimmer can cut.

4. Start trimming

This is the fun bit. At this juncture, you will find yourself spreading legs or having awkward postures. Get the best bikini trimmers to ensure that you have a thorough trim. Nevertheless,

ensure that you follow the flow of your hair, not against it. Use long and slow strokes instead of the quick and short ones to avoid causing injuries. Don’t be in a hurry for other businesses.

5. Clean up

Once you are done with the trimming, clean all the hair on the floor and the tools too. After cleaning everything, embark on your body. Clean it to your satisfaction using a warm bath. After that, dry the area thoroughly to avoid any dumpiness. To protect your skin from itching use a skin moisturizer to ensure that the area is soothed to prevent afterward discomfort.


Once you decide to get rid of your pubic hair, you should do it with utmost care to ensure that you remain comfortable the week after the process. These processes are known to cause itchiness which is the main reason why women avoid shaves. Nevertheless, trimming ensures less damage to the scalp thus the need to start it if you fear to shave. In the end, personal hygiene should be the priority to all.

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