5 Myths About Leaving your Regular Job

Job hopping does not mean disloyalty to your employer or inability to hold a steady job. It can also mean that you are aiming to get a higher income or climb a corporate ladder. There are a few advantages to job hopping. Take time to explore other opportunities that can lead to a promising and fulfilling career as well as saving more money. So, here are the common myths about job hopping.

It is Very Common

Yes, people are changing jobs, that’s normal. I, myself became a job hopper before. I tend to think about the expenses I have and compare to the salary I am getting. I get to think that sticking in it cannot let me excel independently. Most millennials are commonly accused of this.

And as millennial, I always consider the economic factors. This could be the stickiest of the words, but you aim for a high salary which also depends on your expenses. You get to follow your needs and how earnings. There are also some bills to pay and saving a goal.

It Indicates a Lack of Loyalty

It became the norm for our parents to hold on to jobs until retirement. The baby boomers are known for their loyalty towards their employers. And millennials are said to be the job hoppers as they have more time to easily adjust their selves in an organization to another in every few years. But this does not necessarily mean as disloyalty.

On the other hand, there can be reasons for every individual to move from one company to another. The most common reason is the higher salary offered in the new job.

Lacks of Expertise

Some people believed that if a person changes jobs often, they will not be proficient in their fields. This is actually incorrect since changing job leads to exposure to a different work environment. There are situations where companies keep up with volatile work experiences is more fitted to adapt than someone with limited exposure.

They tend to adjust themselves easily and practically speaking if you have more job experiences companies will tend to offer you a high paying salary. You will be able to negotiate your need as an individual. They will always listen, you have more exposure the more advance you can get to get hired in the company.

Disastrous to Career and Income

Sticking in the same job does not mean that you are financially secured for life. You can be removed for any reason. When working in a different company, you have these opportunities to learn the strategies, which are employed in this organization. You will be more familiar with the ins and outs of the industry.

These things that you have accumulated to every company can help you a better leader and maybe an entrepreneur in your field of work. On the other hand, you will not become stagnant in your career path. You get to explore your knowledge.

Lack of Focus

There are different types of people, some easily switched to another job for a financial reason, and for some, they don’t know what they have in their life yet. There are different reasons behind that. If you have your growing family if you are the breadwinner.

Of course, it is always the money matter. You could not be focused because you have more problem to think, you might not have focus because you have financial needs that your current job cannot suffice. We get to respect the need of every individual. It is also possible that there is always a strong reason for them to leave their jobs. Everyone deserves a chance to explain many changes.

There are quite a lot of common myths for job hunting that are frequently repeated, and we are so over it. Unfortunately, some of them of them could be holding you back in finding a job if you take them seriously, better to know what are those truths and what is not. Don’t ever hesitate to ask what help do you need.

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