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While the commodities industry is worth a stellar $ 2 trillion, less than 5% of the executives on these boards are women. For women, getting to the top in commodity investments is about more than just fair and equal opportunity, it’s also about creating the desire for women to pursue the field. From agreeable maternity benefits to networking opportunities, the industry can do much to promote a more female-friendly environment. There are some women, however, who have pushed through this proverbial glass ceiling.

Meet The New Oil Barons

Maria Borras and Susan Dio are just two of the names that pop out on an extensive list of impressive women who take on leadership roles in the gas and oil industries. Maria Borras is best known for her roles as President and CEO, Oilfield Services, at Baker Hughes, a GE Company. Just recently, analysts at Credit Suisse upped the rating of the company from neutral to outperform. These feelings were matched across the board as BoFA/Merrill analysts and Guggenheim analysts joined the party. Susan Dio was named the BP America Chairwoman and CEO after a long career as the head of BP Shipping.

Traditional Commodities Create Opportunities

The agriculture commodity house is a prime example of women taking charge. Chairwoman Margarita Louis-Dreyfus provides some insight into an industry known to be male-dominated. For Louis-Dreyfus, this is a prime opportunity to create a welcoming environment for women to join the field. Female hires have increased across the field and across the other types of commodities too. One industry that can benefit tremendously from female intervention, is the investment in physical silver and gold. While previously these industries were only a drawcard for men hoping to buy their wives gifts, they now provide an attractive investment opportunity.

A Different Type Of Commodity

Often confused as a currency, cryptocurrency more accurately displays the characteristics of a commodity. Female investors who have discovered the power of trading this commodity have set the tone for female investing in this sphere. Elizabeth Rossiello is a prime example of women using the commodity to build an empire, while still serving their local communities. Elizabeth is the founder of BitPesa, a payment service that is faster and more cost-effective than typical mobile payment options.

Although the traction for female investors in commodities may seem slow, there is a definite upward trend. With women like these at the top, it’s just a matter of time before commodities become more widespread among women.

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